5 Common Mistakes When Cleaning Sneakers

5 Common Mistakes When Cleaning Sneakers


As someone who cleaned their sneakers for years and then began working for a sneaker care company, I know you are cleaning your shoes the wrong way. For me it was using a toothbrush and mixing laundry detergent with water, and for others it's using dish soap, or tooth paste. There are affordable products out on the market for sneaker cleaning, and so many videos teaching you how to do it that there is really no excuse anymore. Which is why we are calling you out for cleaning your sneakers the wrong way and teaching you how to do it correctly. That way you can give your shoes a deeper clean, with less time and less money spent on buying new shoes because you ruined yours ... .whoops.

A pair of dirty red and white Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers sit on a towel next to a box of cleaning supplies. The text "NIKE AIR" is visible on the side of the sneakers. The box contains shoe cleaning supplies including brushes, sponges and cleaning solution. There is text on the box that says "Reshoevn8r", "Power Pad", and "Midsole & Sneaker Cleaner". Reshoevn8r is a brand of shoe cleaning products.

1. Using the Wrong Products

Once again the days of using dish soap and toothpaste to clean your sneakers is over. Both of these will damage delicate materials on the uppers, leaving your suede crusty and causing the colors to fade. Instead use Reshoevn8r cleaning solution. This all natural solution was created with the intent to not only clean your shoes, but also preserve the materials. Making your shoes look 20x better and doubling their life span. So if you want your shoes to look somewhat clean, and ruin the materials, keep doing what you are doing with your dish soap, but if you want real effective results, Reshoevn8r is the way to go.

2. Using the Same Products for all Materials

A huge mistake people make when using a Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning kit is using the same products for all materials. Each of our products is designed for a certain part of a shoe or for a certain material. For example the soft brush is for the uppers, medium for midsole, and stiff for outsole. If you use any of these in the wrong place it will damage the material ruining the shoe instead of cleaning it. You are also supposed to use different products for different materials on the uppers. For all materials you can use one of Reshoevn8r’s sneaker cleaning kits but for tougher to clean materials like suede or nubuck you will need the suede revive bundle. It is important to pay attention to these little details to ensure you give your shoes an effective clean while maintaining the integrity of your materials.

3. Not Using the Washing Machine

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to cleaning there shoes is not using the washing mashine. Yes, just putting them in while damage your shoes which is why Reshoevn8r created the world first patented sneaker laundry system. This allows you to put your shoes in the washing machine without worrying about damaging your shoes. This process gives the inside and outside of your shoes a completely deep clean making your kicks look and smell fresh. The Reshoevn8r sneaker laundry system should be in every sneaker lovers household. 

4. Not Drying Shoes Properly

A very common mistake people make after cleaning their shoes is drying their shoes the wrong way. Throwing your shoes in the dryer is an absolute NO GO. Doing this will damage delicate materials on the shoe and make them shrink. So unless you never want to wear them again I suggest that you do not put them in the dryer. You also need to dry each part of the shoe evenly. You can do this by leaving them in the sun outside or drying them with fans ,but you have to make sure they dry evenly. If you do not evenly dry your sneakers each panel of the shoe will be a different shade of its original color. This will ruin the entire point of cleaning your shoes in the first place so make sure that each side drys evenly.

5. Not Cleaning every part of the Shoe

The final mistake that people make when cleaning shoes is not cleaning every part of the shoe. People usually skip cleaning the outsoles, laces, and inside of the shoe ,but this is just plain lazy. Take out the laces and clean them with a soft brush, along with the inside, and scrub the outsole with your stiff brush. Doing this will make your shoes look brand new again versus skipping these parts will make your kicks look  funky. Everyone will notice when the uppers and midsoles are clean but then the laces and outsole are disgusting, it's just a bad look. Don’t be lazy, clean the entire shoe so you can look your best.

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