A Sneakerheads Nightmare & A Restorater’s Dream!

A Sneakerheads Nightmare & A Restorater’s Dream!

Imagine your younger self coming across a legend and icon that will change the lives of millions. 6x NBA champion, 5x NBA MVP,  Michael Jordan. You take off your prized pair of 1988 Air Jordan Black Cement 3s, a sneaker that many will do nearly anything to have. You then hand it off to the GOAT to leave his mark on it forever as a signature.

At the time, you thought that the pair would last forever. You were young and naive, so you wore the pair to school to show off to your friends. You tightened the laces more than you should to run a little faster or jump a bit higher like Jordan himself.

Sooner or later, the pair moves from closet to closet and storage to storage. Except this time, you are nearly your father’s age. You are a lot wiser and cherish the value in life a bit more. However, the pair is nearly unrecognizable, beaten, and torn apart.

The first step to cleaning a suede sneaker with Reshoevn8r product is to use the brush and brush off the loose dirt.

Three and a half decades later, Jordan’s legacy lives on and retros hit a new level of collaborations and the value of the original line skyrockets into the ether. Making your olderself really regret what your past self did.

Luckily for them, Reshoevn8r’s very own Vick Almighty and Hoopfr3sh had the courage and ambition to take on their most complicated and rigorous shoe restoration project to date.

Requiring over 125 hours of dismantling, stitching, leather filling, and so much more took place within the headquarters of Reshoevn8r. The project required 8 days straight of tackling each panel, section, liner, and detail to make sure the shoe stayed as close to the original as possible.

Day and night, the dynamic duo really grew closer as they taught each other tips and tricks that they’ve learned across their past restorations to complete the job at hand.The bromance was real.

The experience really showed as the two maneuvered through broken sewing needles, leather shrinkage, and deadlines. All of which paid off knowing that every inch of the shoe was brought back to life. It looked as though Back To The Future 2 just released and Michael Jordan was going to take on the Detroit Piston Bad Boys during the 1989 NBA Eastern Conference finals.

But you be a judge for yourself! Watch the video. Like if you see the night and day restoration and subscribe if you want to see Vick and team take restorations further in upcoming videos.

Reshoevn8r signing out!

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