Adidas will continue to make Yeezys.

Adidas Will Continue to Sell Yeezys — What This Means for Resellers

Adidas expected to resume Yeezy sales in 2023 under different name

Following one of the most public break-ups of the decade between Adidas and Kayne West, the German sportswear giant has announced their intentions to utilize ownership of all Yeezy designs and colorways to maximize their profits. 

According to Adidas' CFO, the plan is to sell existing Yeezy inventory, as well as develop more designs, colorways, and releases for the future. 

“Going forward, we will leverage the existing inventory with the exact plans being developed as we speak,” Adidas finance chief said Wednesday Harm Ohlmeyer."

The Yeezy brand accounted for nearly 2 billion in revenue, nearly 8% of Adidas' total sales. 

What does this mean for resellers? 

For those of you who make a living reselling sneakers, this could mean a few things. First of all, this means that the price hike to current Adidas Yeezy shoes on the resale market may come crashing down when Adidas starts to pump out new designs. 

The most noteworthy thing about the announcement is that future Yeezy releases will not be under the Yeezy name. It is unclear at this time which direction Adidas will go in as far as the naming of the shoes, but we do know that the Yeezy name will not be attached.

This could cause Adidas shoes under the Yeezy label to skyrocket in value, so keep that in mind if you're holding on to stock. 

Not everyone is on board with the Adidas bringing back the Yeezys

Many feel that despite Adidas' promise to bring the shoes out under different names that the relation to Kanye will still be implied, causing people to stray away from the products. At this moment this remains speculation; the actual consequence of releasing Yeezy shoes under a different name remains to be seen. 

Is Yeezy still owned by Kanye?

Sure. The name, logos, that sort of thing are probably still owned by Kanye. But the important stuff (ie the footwear designs, colors, etc) are owned by Adidas, which gives them the power to reintroduce the Yeezy line without using the Yeezy name. 

Looking to buy Yeezys? 

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