This pair of Air Jordan 11s from 2000 is in desperate need of a full sneaker clean and restoration.

Jordan 11 Concord Full Restoration

Concord Jordan 11 Full Restoration | Unyellow | Deep Clean | Re-Glue

Welcome back to another episode of Restorations and Customs with Vick. 

Today Vick has a pair of trashed Concord Jordan 11s from the year 2000, and these things are unrecognizable. 

The Concord Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic Air Jordans in existence. From the shiny patent leather to the beautiful concord purple traction pods, these shoes are a must have. 

This restoration is going to require the works… a deep clean, sole treatment, and a full re-glue to put it all back together. To make it even more difficult, this is Vick’s first time restoring an Air Jordan 11. 

There’s no way he pulls this off, right? 

Deep Clean Action with the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit

To kick this thing off, we need to clean the entire shoe. For this, Vick is going to be relying on the Reshoevn8r Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit

After removing the laces, insoles, and inserting the Adjustable Shoe Tree, we are ready to get to cleaning the kicks with our Three Brush Pack

Vick started by scrubbing the mesh uppers with the Soft Bristle Brush and the Cleaning Solution. These things haven’t known white in a long time. While we’re letting the suds soak into the material, let’s jump to the midsole and patent leather. 

For the midsole and patent leather, Vick used the Medium Bristle Brush to give them a good scrub. It proved pretty successful, and these are looking better by the minute. 

Before moving on to the sole restoration, we need to make sure that the outsoles are completely free of grime and dirt. Vick used the Stiff Bristle Brush to scrub the outsoles and get them prepped for our Sole Revive. 

Slowly but surely these are coming back to life. 

Throw your Shoes in the Laundry

Now we can throw these in the wash. Vick put the shoes into the Sneaker Laundry Bag and sent them for a spin in the washing machine for a full cycle. Even though these shoes do have some leather on them, putting these sneakers in the wash is the best way to flush out the deeper set dirt in the mesh upper.

The Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit definitely did its thing. Those 21 long years of dirt and grime have disappeared from the uppers and midsole. 

Unyellow the Icy Soles

There’s still a lot of work left to be done, especially on these soles. When these were released in 2000, the soles were completely icy…that’s clearly not the case anymore. The soles on this pair of Jordan 11 Concords are basically orange. GROSS. 

In order to unyellow these Jordan 11 soles, we’re going to rely on our Sole Revive. Vick started by taping off the traction pods so that we don’t change the color, and then got to brushing. After applying a thin coat of Sole Revive, we’re ready to let these cook in the indoor UV setup. 

After a long two weeks in the indoor setup, the soles are looking much more icy. Vick was able to unyellow the majority of the soles and restore them back to their original icy blue color. 

The wins just keep piling up. 

Re-gluing Severe Sole Separation

Now we can finally move on to what may be the hardest part of all, gluing the shoes back together with the help of Sal the Sneakerhead

Sal is quite the professional when it comes to re-glueing separated shoes, so he’s here to show Vick how it's done. 

The first step to any sole reattachment is to remove all of the old glue with acetone. Vick and Sal used cotton balls to remove the old glue from all parts of the shoe, the upper, the midsole, the outsole, and the air unit. 

With that out of the way, we can start to put these back together piece by piece. 

Vick and Sal used an angular brush to apply the glue to each section of the shoe, being careful to work from the sides to the bottom. 

Then starting with the outsole and midsole, they used a heat gun to activate the glue and started pressing these back into shape. Once the midsole and outsole were reattached to one another, Vick was able to help Sal glue the air unit into place, following the same procedure as before. 

Now that last and hardest step, gluing the uppers onto the base of the shoes. With some patience, and the watchful eye of Sal, Vick was able to get these put back together. Everything is back where it should be, and there’s no sign of any further separation. 


To fully complete this insane restoration, all that’s left is to lace these back up and polish the classic patent leather with some Mink Oil and an electric polisher. 

Back from the Dead

Just look at how this pair of Concord Jordan 11s turned out. 

As Vick calls it, this is a Night and Day restoration…a fitting title for a job well done. From the deep clean with the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit, to the unyellowing of the soles with the Sole Revive and then glueing them all together, this project was a major win. 

Let us know down below, would you rock this pair of Jordan 11 Concords from 2000? What Jordan 11 is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by. As always, click on over to our Youtube for more insane restorations like this one. 

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