Air Jordan 5 A Ma Maniere Dusk & Dawn Cleaning Tutorial

Air Jordan 5 A Ma Maniere Dusk & Dawn Cleaning Tutorial


The A Ma Maniére x Jordan V collaboration just recently released November of 2023 and we ended up getting our hands on a pair. A Ma Maniére is a popular luxury streetwear brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia with a diverse range of products from hoodies and hats to Nike and Jordan brand collaborations. When it comes to the name streetwear they do it all. Jordan and A Ma Maniére have a very close relationship so it is no surprise when these shoes were announced to drop. They came out with two colorways one that is gray and blue which is considered the “Dawn” pair and another that has an all black upper with tan accents that is considered the “Dusk” pair. Both of these shoes have simple colorways sticking to the A Ma Maniére iconic sleek style ,but even though these shoes colorways are simple these Jordan 5’s are super clean. Well not literally clean because the pairs that we have are covered from top to bottom in dirt. Lets see how Pretty boy Rob cleans this A Ma Maniére x Jordan 5 Dusk to Dawn collaboration.

A Ma Maniere DuskA Ma Maniere Dawn 

 Signature Kit

In this cleaning Rob is going to be using the Reshovn8r signature kit to clean both pairs of shoes. This kit includes our 4oz solution, microfiber towel, sneaker laundry bag, pair of shoe trees, and lastly the soft, medium, and stiff bristle brush. To start off Rob uses a dry soft brush to get rid of as much surface level dirt as possible. Next takes out the laces and puts in the shoe trees to make sure he can put as much pressure on the shoe needed without damaging or creasing the shoe.

The Clean

Rob begins cleaning the uppers of the Dusk A Ma Maniére Jordan 5’s with the Reshoevn8r cleaning solution and soft bristle brush. It is important to use the soft brush on delicate materials like nubuck to make sure you do not damage the shoe. He then switches to the medium bristle brush to clean the midsoles ,and then the stiff bristle brush on the soles of the shoe. Every Reshoevn8r kit comes with three brushes because of how important it is to use the right brush on the right materials to ensure that your hard earned money does not go to waste. Rob repeated this exact same process on the Dawn A Ma Maniére pair and the clean on both shoes was amazing. All of the dirt and grime from both of these pairs are nowhere to be found and it is all thanks to the Reshoevn8r signature kit. Finally he finishes the clean by wiping down the lace locks with Reshoevn8r sneaker wipes and the clean is complete.

To See an in depth step by step on these Jordan 5 A Ma Maniére check out the video link below!

Video Link 

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