Air Jordan 6 Chameleon Restoration

Air Jordan 6 Chameleon Restoration

Jordan 6 Chameleon Background

Vick does an insanely complicated restoration on the Jordan 6 Chameleon. These shoes were released in 2017 for the NBA All Star Game and are truly unique compared to your other run of the mill Jordans. The designers at Jordan brand put an iridescent green color on top of the black leather upper. This gives the shoe a different look depending on the lighting that is hitting the shoe. The color changing of the shoe is where it gets its nickname of the Jordan 6 Chameleon.

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How Did He Do It?

Vick starts off by using an air compressor to get any of the excess dirt and grime from out of the inside and outside of the shoe to limit as much deep cleaning as possible. As always Vick uses the Reshoevn8r Soft Bristle Brush for the softer materials on the upper, the Medium brush for the midsole and tougher upper materials, and the stiff brush for the Sole. The shoe at this point is looking extra sleek ,but to completely sanitize the shoe and complete the clean Vick throws them into the washing machine with the Reshoevn8r patented sneaker laundry bag, and now he can get to fully restoring this soon to be iconic sneaker (Just give it a few years). For the best results on this cleaning we relied on the Signature Cleaning Bundle. 

Vick takes these 6’s and uses sandpaper to blend in the scratches and the cuts that are all over the shoe with the rest of the leather material. Next he uses acetone and cotton balls to get rid of the factory finish that is put onto the leather. The scratches have become almost unnoticeable but to get these shoes looking 100% restored Vick uses some leather filler on these scratches and repeats the process of sanding to repair the damaged leather. He lets this leather filler dry for a few hours to ensure that it has hardened so he does not damage the shoe again.

The trickiest part of the entire clean is trying to recreate the one of a kind color-changing paint that Jordan brand put onto the upper of the shoe. Vick does this by combining Chameleon pigments that have hints of navy blue, lilac, and silver with a dark navy paint. After using an airbrush to apply this in house created color it is time to add a matte finish to complete the upper of the shoe.

Next Vick applies black paint to the midsole of the shoe and applies matte and acrylic finish to give the upper of the shoe a proper send off. Lastly the yellowing on the Soles of these sixes was pretty bad. So Vick used the Reshoevn8r Sole revive to whiten the soles, and after a few days of reapplying the Sole Revive and letting it soak in the UV rays from the Vick 2000 these look like they came straight from the factory.

Products Used

Everything that was used in this cleaning is in the Signature Revive Bundle and don’t forget to check out the Youtube video for this restoration, there is even a sneak peak for Vick’s next video!



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