Use Amazon Alexa to order RESHOEVN8R sneaker care products with your voice.

Introducing Alexa: Shop RESHOEVN8R With Your Voice

Our Newest Team Member: Amazon's Alexa

“Alexa, add RESHOEVN8R as a skill.”

Virtual assistants are getting better and better. Nowhere is this more evident than with Amazon’s Alexa, which has the ability to learn new skills. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to teach Alexa what RESHOEVN8R is all about, and the results are compelling. 

Alexa is our first entry into virtual sneaker cleaning, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all. 

Installing the RESHOEVN8R Skill to Your Alexa Device

 All users will need to do is install the RESHOEVN8R skill within their Alexa device and say, “Open, RESHOEVN8R” to engage with the platform. You can install the skill by clicking HERE, or by saying “Alexa, add RESHOEVN8R as a skill.”

Alexa is quickly becoming the best sneaker cleaner on our team and is eager to help you clean your sneakers. We’ve spent countless hours teaching her the RIGHT way to clean any material of sneakers. 

Interacting with Alexa

Once you’ve taught Alexa the RESHOEVN8R Skill, Alexa will guide you through a comprehensive shoe cleaning based on how dirty your sneakers are and what material they are made out of. Alexa will use the information you give her to choose the product that is best for your cleaning needs. 

The cleaning guide process is broken down into HEAVY and LIGHT cleanings, then into sneaker materials (MESH, SUEDE, and LEATHER), focusing on the equivalent cleaning kit/product (i.e. Dry Suede Kit for LIGHT SUEDE cleanings). 

Shopping for RESHOEVN8R With Alexa

Another great feature of the RESHOEVN8R skill is the ability to order your favorite sneaker cleaning products with your voice! Place an order to restock all of RESHOEVN8R’s top products without lifting a finger. 

If cleaning your sneakers with Alexa isn’t enough to brighten your day, say “RESHOEVN8R, tell us a joke.” Who knows, you may receive a special discount just for letting Alexa tell you a joke! 

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