Passion and Inspiration meet with Reshoevn8r’s first EVER Artist Series featuring Antoinette Cauley

Passion and Inspiration meet with Reshoevn8r’s first EVER Artist Series featuring Antoinette Cauley


Momma gear will never go out of style whether it is a cute coffee mug, a magnet with the kiddos’ faces on it, or a nice hand-painted art piece from the entire family. With those Momma gear will never go out of style whether it is a cute coffee mug, a magnet with the kiddos’ faces on it, or a nice hand-painted art piece from the entire family. With those 


Reshoevn8r’s Artist Series will push the boundaries and blur the lines between art, collaborations and doing the right thing.  


 Right now, we are living in a world of black and white, good vs evil and right vs wrong.. Sometimes, it takes passion, inspiration and a loving soul to change the perception of the masses. Antoinette Cauley’s world is painted in broad strokes, across different countries and it represents all colors. Antoinette’s artwork will stand the test of time, face the cultural divide head-on and inspire others to keep going even when it gets hard.   


 Join us in our interview of Antoinette Cauley and her collaboration with Reshoevn8r. Stick around towards the end, to see our launch of Reshoen8r’s very first Artist Series.


Where did your story begin?


My story began as a very small child. I remember being as little as 5 and loving art and making things. My family was very crafty and artistic and my father loved to build things. Us kids would sit with him and build model cars every week. I have always had a deep love of creating that never went away.


Tell us about your childhood. 

My childhood was not the easiest. It was filled with a lot of struggle, grief, and hardship. But there were also great things about it. I had a very loving family who encouraged my love of art. No matter how much I struggled as a child, that is one thing I can always parents and my family always supported my dreams.


When did you know art was a passion of yours? 

Though I always made art... I think I realized it was a passion of mine in middle school. That was when I really started to excel and I reached college-level mastery in the 8th grade all on my own. It was only up from there!



What was your first impression when Reshoevn8r approached you about becoming the first artist to collaborate in the Artist Series?

Honestly, the first thing I thought was "Man, this sounds super dope." I knew of Reshoevn8r and was very familiar with the products because of Heated Sole but it is always a part of my process to research everyone before I work with them. So, I called my friend Ryan over at Guest List and he had nothing but great things to say. I did a little of my own research online and I knew that this was going to be a dope project to work on. I feel especially honored to be the first artist to kick off this series!


What is one thing most people do not know about you?  

One thing that people don't know about me, that they are always surprised to hear, is that I used to coach boys' high school club basketball, and all through my teen years I was obsessed with basketball and the NBA. I even used my artwork as a teenager to meet some of my favorite NBA stars like Tracy McGrady and Jason Kidd as well as the entire And1 squad.


Let’s talk about shoes. What is your all-time favorite sneaker?  

Honestly, I own so many different types of sneakers that I love. I love all things Puma and love, love, loooove all my Jordans. But... My all-time favorite sneaker is the low-top classic black Chuck Taylor. I am such a west coast girl and I grew up listening to nothing but 90s LA rap so chucks just make me feel at home.


How would you describe your personal style? 

For years, I have described my personal style as if Beyonce and Nipsey Hussle had a child- she would be me! I love hood culture (because I grew up in the hood), and west coast style because of the music I grew up on. But, I also love glitz, glam, and being a bit of a diva. I only ever wear skirts and dresses (unless I'm painting) but I love the contrast of a bit of grit. So I kind of fuse the girly with the gangster. 


Where do you draw inspiration for your artwork? 

Most of my inspiration comes from music, honestly. Sometimes I hear a song and 3 or 4 paintings will form in my mind. I am constantly finding so much in music and I listen to absolutely everything under the sun. So the inspiration is abundant. I also find a lot of inspiration in social issues and people’s stories. My work is very layered and always has several meanings and tons of symbolism because I pull from multiple areas at once.


What was your favorite part of this partnership process? 

I can't pinpoint one part that was my favorite because the whole thing has been AMAZING. I was given so much creative freedom and you all really have done an above and beyond the job of making sure everything was true to my voice and my vision. It has been so easy and fun that I cannot say enough good things about each and every Reshoevn8r team member!


Has there ever been a time in your career where you had to ask yourself “Is this what I am supposed to be doing?” 

I think I was actually just asking myself this last week! It is so easy to doubt yourself when you are doing something you have never done, or you are doing something you have never seen anyone else do. My entire art career has been me figuring things out on my own... as I go. I had no examples, no blueprint, and no one to guide me. But I did have a LOT of determination, people who love and support me, and goals. It's normal to question yourself but that does not mean you give up. You have to push past the doubts and fears and just KEEP GOING!


What has life been like living in Germany, especially during Covid lockdown? 

Living in Germany during Covid has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I moved here to complete an artist residency and to expand my work throughout Europe. But, I moved here not knowing anyone, not having friends, during a country-wide lockdown, in the winter when it was 20 degrees and snowing (a huge difference from 120 degrees in Phoenix) and I also don't speak German. On top of that, I had never been to Germany before. My first few months were beyond hard. I experienced a depression deeper than I even knew depression could feel and I cried almost every day. It has slowly gotten better and after being here for 5 months, things are starting to open again and the weather is getting nicer so I am getting to truly experience this city. It is such a beautiful and vibrant place. I have never seen anything like Berlin. It is magical and has so much in store for me. It has been rough but I took a risk to further my career by coming here when I did. I bet on myself and I know it will pay off.


Is there anything you would go back and change about the final artwork for this partnership? 

Honestly, I don't think I would change anything other than getting to debut the artwork in an actual art exhibition for people to come and see. We had originally planned to throw an exhibition that would feature my work along with the works of a lot of my artist friends in Arizona. But due to Covid, we had to cancel the event.


Is there any insight that you can provide the community about upcoming projects? 

I am currently working on my next body of work in Berlin and it will debut here in my first ever European solo exhibition in 2022. I have already been in talks to bring the show to Phoenix after Berlin and I am looking into other cities to travel to after my hometown. Everything is still in the works but I am really excited to share with everyone what I have been up to in Germany very soon! 


About Antoinette Cauley

Antoinette Cauley is her very own work of art. Her passion and inspiration are transcribed through her dedication to her craft. The first artist series box by Reshoevn8r proudly boasts.

This box is designed by Antoinette and is in limited quantities. 


Can’t get enough of Antoinette? 


We have also partnered with her to bring to you custom LIMITED EDITION artwork, and T-shirts. Click the link below to order yours before they sell out.


Reshoevn8r’s mission has always surrounded itself with the power to make a difference, push the boundaries and do what's right. If you feel you fit in line with this mission, and are an artist shoot us an email ( and let us know why you should be our next artist in our Artist Series.  


 Until next time, 


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