Banned Jordan 1 Restoration

Banned Jordan 1 Restoration


The Banned/Bred Jordan 1 made its debut in 1984, the only problem with this is that this specific colorway based on the Chicago bulls team colors were banned. Players were only allowed to wear sneakers that were a minimum of 51% and by looking at this iconic shoe you can tell it didn’t meet these requirements. Jordan was fined $5,000 dollars every single time he wore his own shoes ,but Nike paid this fine for him as a part of their contract. This deal changed the NBA and the sneaker world forever. Now today you see crazy colorways all over the court making the game even more entertaining. The Bred/banned Jordan 1’s will have a spot in sport history forever.

Starting Off

To start off this restoration Vick looks over the shoe and notices that the outsole on these breads has hardened so, he purchased a donor shoe to swap the two soles. In order to separate the uppers from the bottom Vick uses an exacto knife to cut out the thread and glue holding it together. He then repeats this same process on the pair of donor shoes. Vick then pours acetone all over the donor shoes to allow for the uppers to easily separate from the bottoms.

Sole Replacement

Next Vick Skives the Bred’s where the uppers are glued to the bottoms of these Jordan 1’s. Skiving is using an exacto knife to get rid of all the excess glue to make sure that the new glue job sticks and stays for decades. Vick also uses a dremel on this same area odf the shoe to roughen up the leather so the glue sticks even better to perfectly connect the Breds to the donor sole. He also removes the glue from the donor sole using acetone and cotton balls to make sure all the excess glue on both pairs won’t get in the way. To finally put these two together Vick applies two layers of paint, heats up the glue around the shoe and sticks the uppers and the bottoms together. To make sure that these stay for good Vick gets some new thread and stitches the two together to complete the Jordan 1 sole replacement.

The Clean

To Complete the restoration on these iconic Bred’s vick needs to recondition the leather uppers. He does this by cleaning them with the Reshoevn8r soft bristle brush and solution. The Reshoevn8r cleaning solution has natural oils that help restore aged materials. To add the finishing touches Vick sprays a couple of coats of Reshoevn8r mink oil to the uppers. The mink oil helps restore old materials back to their original color by making the shoe vibrant once again. After cleaning the uppers and rubbing some mink oil into the leather with the horsehair brush, these Bred’s look brand new. Vick did an amazing job on this restoration and if you want to restore or clean your shoes just as well as he did, click the link below to watch a step by step of this restoration.

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