Vans are a great back to school shoe for under $100

The Best Back to School Shoes for under $100

The Best Back to School Shoes for under $100

Back to school is my favorite time of the year! And no, it’s not because I enjoy going back to school…I just like the excuse to buy new stuff. Back to school is the perfect time to buy new clothes, shoes, accessories and more. But if you’re like me and you have a budget to stay within for your back to school fits, finding the right shoes at the right price can be a challenge. 

The key to finding the right back to school shoes is getting the most bang for your buck. For that reason I’ve compiled this list of the best back to school shoes under $100. Each of the shoes on this list are sure to be the perfect way to kick your school year off with a bang! 

See some shoes on this list that you haven’t seen before? I wanted to give you something a little different. Most of the best back to school shoes lists out there contain the same old boring shoes. The 7 shoes on this list are fresh, new, exciting, and sure to turn heads on your first day of school. And for $100 or less? Sign me up! 

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1. Nike Blazer Low ‘77 Jumbo


This isn’t your everyday Nike Blazer. Yes, I’m aware that the high-top Nike Blazers are ‘in’ right now, but something about the low-top version not getting enough love rubs me the wrong way. Right now you can pick up the Nike Blazer Low ‘77 with the jumbo swoosh (which I love) for less than $100. 

If you have ever tried to put on the high-top Nike Blazer, you KNOW the struggle. The low-top version is more user friendly, and more economical! The Nike Blazer Low ‘77 Jumbo is an easy choice for one of the best back to school shoes under $100. 

2. Converse Chuck 70


Everyone needs a pair of classic Converse Chuck Taylors. But you don’t have to settle for the same boring pair that your grandpa probably played basketball in. The Chuck 70 from Converse has the same shape and look of the classic Chuck Taylor with better cushion, better materials, and a great price tag. 

Any shoe that’s this wearable is a “shoe-in” for our list of the best back to school shoes under $100. 

3. Vans ComfyCush Old Skool


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Keeping with the updated classic theme, the Vans ComfyCush Old Skool is a modern take on a popular skate classic, the Old Skool. The name of the game these days is comfort, so the enormous ComfyCush insole is a must have. Couple that with some fashion-forward designs, it’s a shoe you definitely need to have in your back to school rotation. 

4. Adidas Pharrell HU Tennis 


If you’re balling on a budget like me, the Adidas x Pharrell HU Tennis is the perfect blend of hype and style for a price that you can't beat. Most shoes in the Pharrell HU line are pricey, but this shoe won’t break the bank. Throw in a comfy mesh upper and a healthy amount of color options, the Adidas x Pharrell HU Tennis is a big-time winner on our list of the best back to school shoes under $100.

5. Puma Slipstream


Too often Puma gets thrown to the wayside in favor of its bigger brothers Nike and Adidas. If you’ve been sleeping on Puma for a while, WAKE UP. Puma has been putting out great shoes at prices that can’t be beat, including the Puma Slipstream. The classic styling and chunky look is all the craze these days, and for under $100? Count me in! 

6. New Balance 327


I would have loved to include the New Balance 550 on this list as it’s one of the most popular shoes of this year, but sadly the $110 price tag is just a tad out of our budget. Thus, I’m going with the New Balance 327. While not as popular as the 550, the NB 327 still has some great appeal to the sneakerhead community. The simple silhouette, cool color blocking, and giant New Balance logo make this shoe a must have. Oh, and the price is nice too! The New Balance 327 is definitely one of the best shoes for back to school. 

7. Nike Crater Impact


The last shoe on our list of the best back to school sneakers under $100 is the Nike Crater Impact. Coming in at a retail of $100 (although right now most pairs are on sale for well under that price) the Nike Crater Impact is cool and eco-friendly. The shoe itself is made using at least 25% recycled materials, and the chunky Crater Foam midsole is as lightweight as it is comfortable. I personally have a pair that I wear on a daily basis and you’re getting some incredible value here for less than $100! 

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What are your Back to School Favorites? 

And there you have it. You shouldn’t have to worry about dropping loads of cash to complete your back to school fit. I hope this article shows that plenty of cool sneakers exist for well under $100. Stop stressing about that back to school budget, and pick up some awesome shoes that fit the bill without breaking the bank. 

Are there any shoes that we missed? Leave a comment below which shoes you’d like to see featured in our list of the best back to school shoes under $100! 

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