Cleaning the suede Union Jordan 4.

The Best Suede Shoe Cleaner

What is the Best Suede Shoe Cleaner? 

Cleaning suede can be scary if you don't have the right tools for the job. 

Luckily for you, the best shoe cleaner for suede is just one click away. Don't believe me? Let's walk through each of our top suede cleaning products and what they can do for your suede shoes. It's not rocket science, but it can be a little tricky. We've made it our goal to make cleaning your suede shoes as easy and care-free as possible. 

There's nothing worse than breaking out a brand new pair of shoes only to have them stepped on, stained, or ruined by water. Our comprehensive lineup of shoe care products has been designed and formulated with these problems in mind. Your suede is safe with us. 

Whether you're into dress shoes, suede boots, suede Jordans, New Balances and more, RESHOEVN8R has the best suede shoe cleaner for every pair in your collection. 

The Best Cleaner for Suede none! 

You're probably asking yourself, how can I be sure RESHOEVN8R offers the best shoe cleaner for suede? As they say, the proof is in the pudding. We stand behind our suede cleaning products and tools because we've cleaned countless pairs of suede shoes using the exact methods that will be detailed further down in this article. 

Not only does RESHOEVN8R offer suede cleaner, but we also have other suede and shoe care products that are designed to keep your suede soft, healthy, and vibrant. 

We have what you need to take care of your suede. If you're looking for the most complete lineup of shoe care tools...the search starts and ends here. 

Welcome to the RESHOEVN8R let's get your suede shoes cleaned up right! 

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Now for the fun part...let's talk about each of our our suede specific cleaning products and what makes them the best suede cleaner. Below you'll find a detailed description of each product and a video to show the best way to clean suede shoes. 

How to Clean Nike Dunks with the RESHOEVN8R

Some suede shoes require a lot of attention, such was the case with the Fossil Rose Nike Dunk Lows. We brought out all of the stops to clean this pair. We used Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit the for the preliminary clean. This allowed us to get deep into the suede with the sneaker cleaning Brushes and Solution. Then, we used the Dry Suede Kit to erase any remaining stains on the surface of the suede

The key here is to avoid getting the suede too wet. You've probably been told never to get suede wet...and that's just inherently false. Some shoes are so dirty that you must use the Solution in order to get your suede looking right. The fact that you can use this Solution to clean your suede is what makes it the best suede shoe cleaner for shoes. 


The Essentials to start your suede cleaning addiction.


Erase those stains from your suede. 

Cleaning Suede Jordans is a breeze!

After using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit to give the Union Jordan 2s a clean, we had to use the Brass Bristle Brush to make the suede buttery soft again. Then, we finished the shoes with some Mink Oil, which acts as a conditioner for suede materials and makes the color vibrant and lush


Brush your suede back to life. 


Condition your suede in seconds.

The Brass Bristle Brush and Mink Oil are a must for repairing damaged suede, restoring faded suede, or making yoru crunchy suede shoes buttery soft once again. Nobody likes crunchy suede, and RESHOEVN8R has the tools to keep your suede nappy and plush. 

Cleaning Suede New Balance 990s doesn't have to be hard! 

If you can't tell by now, RESHOEVN8R has the best suede cleaner for all sorts of shoes. From Jordans to New Balances, the Essential Kit and Dry Suede Kit are a must to keep your suede in pristine condition. Your suede shoes will inevitably get dirty at some point...understanding how to clean them and what the best suede cleaner is will give you the peace of mind to keep rocking your sneakers with confidence. 

Want to stop your suede from getting dirty in the first place? For 360 degree protection for you shoes, we're a big fan of our Water + Stain Repellent. A few light coats of this ultra-strong Repellent will stop stains from sticking to your beautiful suede. 

What are you waiting for? 

As we like to say around here...don't be afraid to clean your suede! 

Don't spend another second worrying about how to clean your suede shoes. RESHOEVN8R is the best shoe cleaner for suede, and that's all there is to it. Any or all of the products you see above are sure to keep your shoes happy and healthy for years to come. 


How do you make old suede shoes look new?

Great question! Whenever we come across a suede shoe that looks old and crusty, we love to restore it with our Mink Oil! Not only does Mink Oil condition the suede, but it also restores color that's been lost due to age. All it takes is a few coats to make your old suede shoes look new again.

What should you not use on suede?

This is important to understand so that you avoid ruining or damaging your delicate suede. As mentioned, one thing to remember is to keep your suede dry (when possible). Some cleanings call for Solution and water, so do your best to avoid oversaturation of the suede and pat it dry any chance you get. 

As far as products to avoid using on suede, you shouldn't use any harsh materials or chemicals, or anything that could inadvertently dye the material. 

How often should you clean suede shoes?

We recommend cleaning your suede shoes when they get dirty! Sounds simple, but if you don't need to clean them after every wear...then don't! One important thing to remember is that our Water + Stain Repellent will keep them from getting dirty, so it's a good idea to spray them if you want to avoid cleaning them altogether. 

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