Holiday Gift Guide: Best gifts for sneakerheads 2022

Best Gifts for Sneakerheads 2022 — Complete Gift Guide for Everyone on your List

The Perfect Gifts for Sneakerheads

We’re here to make your holiday shopping a breeze. Wondering what we offer that other's don't? Every sneakerhead in your life can use a better way to clean their shoes, and RESHOEVN8R has the best gifts for sneakerheads in 2022. 

Trust me on this one; if they love their shoes as much as you think they do, then the gift of clean kicks is the easiest way to make their holiday season merry and their shoes bright. 

We have gifts for any budget and any shoe. Whether you’re looking for a few Sneaker Wipe stocking stuffers or an elegant Shoe Display Case, the best gifts for sneakerheads can be found right here, right now. 

Get your credit card ready; here are the best sneakerhead gifts you can buy for the 2022 Holiday season!

We've broken this gift guide into the following categories; gifts for budget-concious sneakerheads, gifts for hypebeasts, gifts for those who can't keep their shoes clean, gifts for the traveling sneakerhead, and gifts for the high-rollers. 

Gifts for the Budget-Conscious Sneakerhead

Cleaning your shoes doesn't have to be expensive. Everyone deserves the luxury of fresh, clean shoes. RESHOEVN8R has plenty of budget options that make amazing gifts or quality stocking stuffers. 

Sneaker Wipes

This 24 pack of Sneaker Wipes is the perfect stocking stuffer. Open the box, slip a few into the stockings, and then save a couple for your wallet! 

Sneaker Wipes

Portable & Powerful


Sneaker Deodorizer 

How do you tell someone their shoes smell without telling them their shoes smell? Buy this and thank me later. 

Sneaker Deodorizer

Smell you later! 


Water + Stain Repellent

Our flagship product is also one of the most affordable. Who knew you could give the gift of 360 degree protection against stains? 

Water + Stain Repellent

360 Degree Stain Protection


Gifts for the Hypebeast

We all know one, maybe you reading this ARE one. Hypebeasts are people too, and deserve great gifts to help preserve and show off their grails. 

Grand Shoe Display Case (Drop Side) 

This isn't your typical plastic display case. Luxury and aesthetic is the name of the game with this AWESOME sneaker display case. Display your favorite shoes in style. 

Grand Shoe Display Case

Ultra-premium, stackable shoe display & storage


Sole Shields

Resellers are drooling over Sole Shields. Protect your soles from yellowing, discoloration, dirt, heel drag, and more. 

Sole Shields

Keep your soles DS


Crease Protectors

Nobody likes creases...NOBODY. This is an easy gift to recommend for anyone with Jordan 1s, Air Force 1s, or Dunks! 

Crease Protectors

Stop creasing in its tracks. 


Gifts for Sneakerheads Who Can’t Keep Their Shoes Clean

Buying a pair of rare shoes is only half the battle; keeping them clean is just as important. We all know someone who walks around in beaters because they're scared of dirtying their other shoes. These gifts are for THOSE people.

Signature Kit

Our flagship shoe cleaning kit is the best all-around gift for sneakerheads in 2022. It provides everything needed for a quick touch-up or full deep clean. 

Signature Kit

Our flagship shoe cleaning kit


Sneaker Laundry Detergent

Washing shoes in the washing machine is an easy way to get them clean. Our Sneaker Laundry Detergent enhances that process without the harsh chemicals or dyes. 

Sneaker Laundry Detergent

For easy cleaning in the washing machine


Water + Stain Repellent (Two Pack)

What's better than one can of our flagship Repellent? Two, of course! Give the gift of protection this year with this awesome two pack. 

Water + Stain Repellent (Two Pack)

Buy 2 and save! 


Gifts for Sneakerheads Who Love to Travel

Traveling with your shoes doesn't have to be scary! If you know someone who loves to pack their luggage to the brim with a new pair of shoes for every day of vacation, the following gifts would make their Holiday season a success. 

1. Weekend Sneaker Travel Bag

Travel in style with this sleek, sexy travel bag. This is perfect for anyone who likes to travel with multiple pairs of shoes, and has plenty of room for all of the fits to go with it. 

Weekend Sneaker Travel Bag

Travel in style 

Travel Toiletry Bag

Keep all of your essentials close by with the Travel Toiletry Bag. This high-quality bag features a premium waterproof interior, a luxurious design, and awesome leather detailing. 

Travel Toiletry Bag

For your travel essentials


Adjustable Shoe Trees

The safest way to travel with sneakers is with shoe trees. Our Adjustable Shoe Trees will stop your shoes from becoming crushed or misshapen in transit! 

Adjustable Shoe Trees

Protect your shoes while you travel


Gifts for the High-Roller

Money doesn't always tell the whole story, BUT buying the sneakerhead in your life one of these two products is sure to make you the family favorite. You're going to want to leave the price tag on for these products! 

Executive Kit

This is our biggest and baddest kit out there. The Executive Kit is only for people on the NICE LIST.

Executive Kit

Over $300 worth of shoe care products

Signature Bundle (Customer Favorite) 

This customer favorite kit has everything you need to keep your cleaning station organized and your shoes looking fresh. 

Signature Bundle

Our customer's favorite shoe care bundle

Gifts for someone who has everything

Don’t know what to buy your favorite sneakerhead? A RESHOEVN8R gift card is always a great option. Is it a cop out? Maybe, but we won’t tell anyone! Make your holiday shopping a breeze and pick one up.

Gift Card

Let them choose their gift

That wraps up our gift guide for the best gifts for sneakerheads in 2022. The Holidays are fast approaching, so check those items off your wish list now! 

From all of us at RESHOEVN8R, may this season be merry, and your shoes bright!

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