Bred from Scratch

Bred from Scratch

There is something about an old-school sneaker being brought back to life in 2021 that is awe-inspiring. Vick Almighty takes on the 1985 Bred Jordan 1, from scratch. Vick teamed up with Max Hanke to create this custom and it’s been one of our favorite sneakers of the year that Vick has completed.

A ton of work went into this project before Max flew into Arizona, but Vick was definitely up to the challenge. Vick partners with Tandy Leather and Fox Trot Uniform to find the leather that matches this build and get custom tags that make this project unforgettable.

As Vick broke down his project and gathered his materials, he ran through the items that were critical to the success of this build. Vick spent weeks sorting through materials, patterns, and satin to find key pieces that would make his handcrafted build as original as possible. Vick picked out white mesh for the back of the tongue, black satin for the sock liner, and canvas material for the backing of the vamp and the quarter panel.

The first step to getting the sneaker going was to sort the pattern and get to painting! Vick is methodical with his tactics in creating customs and was able to hone in on his OCD to make sure that all of the critical components of this build were on point. With his handy-dandy airbrush in hand, Vick got to creating the perfect red which was 5-10 colors mixed together.

With the prep work completed, Vick was on his way to the airport to pick Max up and get started on the real work of the project. Vick and Max were able to remind about meeting at Sneakercon in 2017 when Max asked Vick for help... To think that was only a few short years ago and Max is thriving and creating his own masterpieces now is amazing.

Vick and Max work through the intricacy of the collars cracking, what look they’re going after, and how different the sneakers are when they’re built in different factories.

For Max’s first time solo on the Reshoevn8r stage, he walks us through the build of the tongue of this sneaker. This section of the sneaker is made up of three pieces of fabric, the front fabric, back fabric, and a piece of foam that is sandwiched together with binding. Watching Max work is truly magical as he works through the process of his way to create the tongues of his projects. He moves onto the stitching and his screen press the logos. 

Vick was invited back into this project and the sneaker was starting to take shape. As Max walked Vick through the process of scoring, gluing, shaping, sewing, and assembling this recreation the sneaker turned out amazing.

If you want to try your hand at a custom sneaker, head over to Max’s website to purchase his patterns.

What did you think of the finished product? Head over to our Instagram page to let us know in the comments!

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