Calboy’s Custom AF1

Calboy’s Custom AF1



Calvin Woods, AKA Calboy, is a professional rapper, singer, and songwriter that is signed at Polo Grounds Music and RCA. He is also the most recent receiver of a custom sneaker by Vick Almighty and Reshoevn8r.


Calboy was in Phoenix, Arizona for an even just long enough to tell Vick he wanted a custom high AF1. With little direction, and the okay to let his creativity fly Vick got to work. Calboy mentioned that he wanted a couple integral parts of his brand interwoven into this custom sneaker which included roses, his name and “147” as that is the block that he grew up on.


Vick didn’t waste any time deconstructing these Jordan 1 Retro High Defiant (White Black Gym Red) because it was a great base sneaker to start with and would fit with the vision of what he was trying to create.


The first step in this massive project was to get the swoosh replaced. Vick called in Reshoevn8r’s lead graphic designer, Julian, to design the heart and swoosh-like graphic. Once Julian worked his magic, Vick was on his way to the laser engraver with his roll of leather in hand.


After working through the design process, Vick made a couple changes to the thickness of the leather, went through the tedious task of removing the thread from the original swoosh and was finally ready to start reconstruction of this custom sneaker.


Stitch by stitch Vick expertly attached the custom hearts and swoosh and moved onto removing the Nike patches as he planned on creating new, custom patches later in the project. On the opposite side fo the heart and new swoosh, Vick used Acetone to prep the surface of the original yellow swoosh, and started the process of painting it Varsity Red.


In true Reshoevn8r fashion where creativity reigns supreme, Vick had to go back to the laser cutter with Julian because the design didn’t look as “crispy” as it should have. The pressure was on as Julian and Vick modified the design to include custom laser engraved symbols into the sneaker, as one cut too deep and the sneaker would have been ruined. Vick did not want to have to explain to Mr. Reshoevn8r why we he had to start a project over. 


Vick didn’t stop there. Once the engraver was completed, the roses were beautiful. Vick began to paint the roses and tongue patches which were two of the last steps for this custom.


To say this collaboration was a success would be selling Vicks talent short. Tune in to our Youtube channel to watch Vicks next video, and see what he comes up with next.



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