Participants of Camp Sole Phoenix clean their sneakers with Reshoevn8r

RESHOEVN8R Gives Back: Camp Sole Phoenix

Camp Sole Phoenix 

In late April, RESHOEVN8R was blessed with an opportunity to team up with two great organizations, Bata Sole and M1 Sports Performance to provide local youth in the greater Phoenix area with a free basketball skills camp. 

Dubbed “Camp Sole Phoenix”, the idea behind the project was to teach local youth the fundamentals of the game while also giving them an easy opportunity to give back to communities in need, those less fortunate than themselves. 

Camp Sole Phoenix was powered by shoe donations from each of the attendees. Admission was completely free with the donation of a gently-used pair of shoes. The local youth happily took this challenge and ran with it. 

Roughly 300 pairs of shoes were donated between the 63 youth that participated in the camp. The donations came in all shapes and sizes, and the campers were ecstatic to share their spare shoes with those who need them more. 

As a part of the basketball camp, participants were encouraged to clean their shoe donations with RESHOEVN8R shoe cleaning products at dedicated cleaning stations. Having the participants clean the donated shoes made the process feel a lot more personal.

Through Bata Sole, 240 shoe donations will be sent to the Andre House in Phoenix. Coinciding with RESHOEVN8R’s Mother’s Day charitable campaign, the other 60 pairs of the donated shoes will also be set aside and given to families in need at the Chrysalis shelter. 

The hope is that the donations will make a small difference in the lives of those who are in need of so much. Shoes are such an integral part of everyday life, something that those who have always had a decent pair tend to take for granted. 

Basketball instruction was provided by Coach Mik of M1 Sports Performance, and Coach Jeff from Bata Sole. 

As a thank you to each participant, RESHOEVN8R gifted them with custom Camp Sole jerseys inspired by the NBA All-Star jerseys from 1995, as well as other RESHOEVN8R swag. 

Moving forward, RESHOEVN8R hopes to host more charitable events like Camp Sole Phoenix, and in doing so give back to those that are less fortunate. RESHOEVN8R is committed to helping persons in need, and the act of sharing shoes with those who aren't privileged enough to own even a single pair is fundamental to RESHOEVN8R's mission. 


In 2019, RESHOEVN8R partnered with BATA SOLE to donate over 1,500 pairs of gently used athletic shoes to the poverty-stricken areas of Manila, Philippines. 

From painting the infamous Tenement Basketball courts, the likes of which have garnered the attention of professional athletes like Lebron James and Paul George, to visiting the most impoverished corners of the city that rely on their basketball court for joy and entertainment, RESHOEVN8R and BATA SOLE were able to help individuals by providing them with properly sized athletic footwear. 

Since then, RESHOEVN8R has supported BATA SOLE in donating close to 10,000 pairs of new and gently used shoes to communities both locally and globally.

This included 3 Camp Sole events in 2021, which supported over 200+ participants and collected 750+ pairs of donated footwear. Camp Sole Phoenix looks to be BATA SOLE’s first of many charitable sneaker drives across the USA.

As a close (literally next door to the office) partner, RESHOEVN8R has seen M1 Performance grow into a key contributor to the Phoenix athletic community. 

With M1’s elite level Sports Performance facility, Coach Mik, Coach Royce, and team have supported the neighboring youth by offering a combination of high-quality athletic development and the resources to strive for their goals inside and outside of their respective sports. 

In recent years, RESHOEVN8R has been a key partner with M1 Performance’s local travel basketball teams with sponsored gear, financial contributions, and product donations.

Bringing their mission in tandem with BATA SOLE allows the team to make a bigger impact with the community and align with the mission and goals of RESHOEVN8R. 

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