Creating an UNDFTD Custom Jordan 4

Creating an UNDFTD Custom Jordan 4

Vick with Olive Green Crafts

Vick's customs remain UNDFTD! Check out his spin on one of the most sought after sneakers in the sneaker game.

Way back in 2005, Undefeated became the first sneaker store to get an exclusive collaboration with Jordan Brand to design their own sneaker. This resulted in one of the most iconic and coveted sneakers of all time being created, the Air Jordan 4 Undefeated. Only 72 pairs of this sneaker were made and distributed one of three ways, some were released via an in store raffle, others were released via an online raffle, while a handful of pairs were given out to friends and family.

UNDFTD Air Jordan 4 image

The official release date for this sneaker was back on 06/23/2005, not only is finding an authentic pair on the marketplace nearly impossible, but pairs have been known to reach prices of over $20,000. Since that type of money is a little out of our budget, we decided the next best thing was to have Vick whip up a pair of his own!

Craft Olive Jordan 4

Kicking off this project, the base sneaker was a pair of Craft Air Jordan 4’s in the “Olive” colorway. One of the first things that Vick had to do in order to get this project started was deconstructing the tongues of the 4’s, the Craft Jordan 4’s are one of the only pairs of Jordan 4’s to not feature any netting on both the side panels and the tongues. Luckily from previous projects and thanks to some donations, Vick was able to find some scrap netting from older pairs of sneakers that worked perfectly in this project. Vick had to completely take off the tongues and work on them separate from the sneaker, it was a tedious process of taking the stitches out and sliding in the new netting. 

Cutting the tongue off Jordan 4 Detached tongue Jordan 4Netting swap

Along with adding the netting, Vick also needed to change the color of the inside layer on the tongues. This process was way easier than adding the netting, we used some orange fabric and tags from a previous project and sowed them onto the sneaker. Up next we had to repaint the midsoles of the sneaker, the original pair features a cream sole and we needed to change ours from white to that cream color. After a quick paint job it was time to add the finishing touches to this project and cap it off with a pair of orange laces to pay homage to the OG pair. The final project came out quite nice, Vick has easily perfected the look of the “poor mans” Undefeated Jordan 4’s and this piece defiantly ranks high up in Vicks catalog.

Finished UNDFTD AJ4


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