The Easter Pack made from Custom Nike Dunks Lows by Vick Almighty.

Custom Nike Dunks | Easter Edition

The Osterhaze Pack | Nike Dunk Customs & Giveaway

Another Holiday means another sweet pair (or 4) of custom kicks from Vick Almighty.

The theme for this custom is Osterhaze, also known as the Easter Bunny. A fitting theme for this time of year, and an opportunity to use some sweet pastel tones inspired by the upcoming Spring season.

As if doing one custom was hard enough, Vick set out to create 4 different pairs for this custom Dunk Low Easter Pack. And in keeping with Easter tradition, Vick’s going to be dyeing the pairs rather than painting them...just like those Easter Eggs you made as a kid. 

For too long has the Easter Bunny been relegated to hiding easter eggs without being laced up in a fresh pair of kicks. 

That changes now. 

Let’s get right into it. 

Easter Morning

Vick wanted a clean canvas to start with, so the base shoe for this Easter Pack is an all-white Nike Dunk Low. In order to get them prepared for dyeing, Vick removed the shoelaces and insoles, and then used some acetone and cotton balls to prep the surface of the shoes. 

Now we’re onto dyeing the sneakers. For each sneaker we need two buckets of water, one cold and one hot. While we’re warming up one bucket with a bucket heater, we’re gonna soak the shoe in cold water, which will make them more receptive to the dye. 

Born to ‘Dye’

Vick poured two bottles of dye into the bucket of hot water, mixed it up, and gave the shoes a dunk (no pun intended). Vick repeated this process for each of the four colors, yellow, green, teal and purple. 

After soaking in the dye for 12 hours, Vick rinsed the shoes to remove any excess dye, and then submerged them in a bucket of salt and vinegar water, to lock in the color. 

Easter Egg Surprise

It wouldn’t be a Vick custom without a laser engraving from our boy Julian. To add to the overall theme, Julian helped Vick engrave one shoe from each pair with a rabbit, and the other with the word 'Osterhaze.'

For those of you wondering, Osterhaze is German, and translates to ‘Easter Hare.' Legend has it that this Easter Hare would visit children and lay colored eggs into their homemade nests. The idea of the Easter Bunny was brought over to America in the 1700s by German Immigrants. 

The more you know! 

The insoles for this custom are awesome. D-Nice did a number on these. They feature the same rabbit logo and ‘Osterhaze’ text, along with a sweet looking Easter Egg pattern.

After trimming the insoles to size, and lacing the kicks back up, it’s time to give these bad boys away. 

We Have a Winner

Not only did these turn out great, but they were made to give away…

Imagine your Easter surprise being one of these sick custom Dunks. Forget the candy, this is what I want in my Easter basket. 

Shoutout to the four lucky winners; you’re receiving a truly one of a kind sneaker that Vick poured his heart and soul into. 

Let us know down below; which of the four is your favorite? 

That’s all for now, thanks for tuning in. Click on over to our Youtube for more insane customs and restorations from Vick Almighty. 

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