Custom Panda Dunks made for Jake Paul

Custom Panda Dunks for Jake Paul

I Made Custom Panda Dunks for Jake Paul

Many of you have seen the awesome custom shoes that Vick Almighty creates. From custom Jordan 4s for Kid Cudi to his take on the Jordan Fusion, these sneaker masterpieces often take days, even weeks to make. So you can imagine the shock when Vick was asked to create a custom shoe for famous boxer and influencer Jake Paul with a 24 hour turnaround time. 

Vick was really given ONE DAY to make a complete custom shoe for Jake Paul! Are you ready to see how he pulled it off? 

You’re probably wondering what shoe Vick chose as the base (canvas, if you will) for this custom creation. Some of you aren’t going to like it, but Vick decided to make a custom Panda Dunk for Jake Paul.

Before you click away, I promise there’s a good reason for it: Paul’s shorts from his fight with Anderson Silva featured a split black-and-white pattern. The Panda Dunk was the perfect shoe to commemorate the fight.

So why make a custom for Jake Paul? Vick was asked to take on this project while Paul was in Phoenix for the fight. We love it when big-time ballers come to visit our hometown, and wanted Paul to leave with a W in the ring and on his feet. After learning that Paul bested Silva to claim his sixth win, Vick knew exactly which direction he wanted to take the custom shoe. 

Before you read on, watch the video so you can see  how much detail Vick packed into this 24-hour custom. Vick continues to amaze us with his talent and attention to detail. 

The Process

Vick made some subtle changes to set these custom Dunks off. The first thing he did was cover the original white paint with an iridescent white tone to give it some pop. The subtle shift in color really makes a big difference. 

Another change Vick made was to the tongue tag. He ripped off the old tag and replaced it with custom leather tags that feature Paul’s boxing record, 6-0, painted in gold. This personal and premium touch helped turn an otherwise boring Panda Dunk into a great custom sneaker art piece. 

Now let’s talk about the bling. Each shoe was laser engraved with a logo, one with betr (Paul’s microbetting company) and the other with his nickname, Problem Child. Both logos were studded out with real Swarovski Crystals by our good friend Gemifly. Paul is known for his expensive taste in jewelry, so it’s only right that his custom shoes were iced to the max. 

Custom Dunks for Jake Paul — Close up of the details

Isn’t it crazy what Vick pulled off? If you told me this custom took Vick a week I would have believed you. Instead, he managed to create a masterpiece in less than 24 hours. Congratulations again to Jake Paul on his win against Anderson Silva and thanks for trusting Vick Almighty to get the job done on this custom Dunk. 

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