Don’t be afraid to clean SUEDE

Don’t be afraid to clean SUEDE


Suede can be one of the most challenging fabrics to clean, even for most experts like Steve Grear, the founder of Reshoevn8r. In this week’s episode of shoe care academy, Mr. Reshoevn8r takes on three different types of suede sneakers and shows us multiple ways to clean them.


"The Marathon Continues Grey" Suede Pumas

With this Suede Puma, Mr. Reshoevn8r breaks down the easy steps to cleaning.


This sneaker has baked-on dust and dirt from being worn in the Arizona summer.  For this first sneaker, Mr.Reshoevn8r uses the dry suede cleaning method, and the Dry Suede Kit, which does not use water or solution on the fabric.


The first step to cleaning a suede sneaker with Reshoevn8r product is to use the brush and brush off the loose dirt.


PRO TIP: only brush suede in one direction.


After brushing the entire sneaker, Steve uses the suede eraser to remove any stubborn stains, and then immediately follows it up with the suede brush to reset the knap. 



Steve's next step is to clean the midsole. Even the best make mistakes when they’re cleaning sneakers. While working through the midsoles, Steve got some cleaning solution on the suede material which he was trying to avoid. He wasn’t as concerned but did point out that generally speaking when you get solution or water on suede you should clean the entire surface so there isn’t any discoloration.


Pro tip: when cleaning the top of the midsole use the Reshoevn8r towel and solution. This allows for more control in your cleaning progress.


Old Skool Vans

There seems to be a cultural clash between old school and new school and how people rock the Off The Wall brand of sneakers. You’ll never catch Mr. Reshoenv8r with a pair of dirty kicks, and these are not any different.


After removing the laces, and putting his shoe trees into the sneaker, Mr. Reshoevn8r uses the brush in his quick clean essential bundle, in one direction, to brush the dirt off of this pair of sneakers. This sneaker was not as soiled as the Puma, so there wasn’t much to brush away.


This is where Mr. Reshoevn8r really gets into cleaning stubborn spots from suede sneakers. The first method that he tries is to use the suede eraser to remove the stubborn stains. He uses the suede brush right after to reset the knap and remove any crumbs that were left behind.


Pro tip: using the suede eraser could pull color from darker suede sneakers. If you are noticing that your suede eraser is pulling the color out of the material, use less pressure and slow down on the process.



After working through the suede eraser and not giving him the results that he was looking for, Mr. Reshoevn8r went into the next phase of cleaning this Vans sneaker. Grabbing his towel, and putting a small amount of solution on it, he used a buffing motion to clean the stubborn spots that were still left on this sneaker. This ultimately got the job done, and Steve reminded us of our pro tip from above that even using this cleaning method, if you are applying too much pressure and see the color transfer onto your towel, you are using way too much pressure.


Adidas Matchbreak Supers

This is the most challenging of the tree sneakers to clean. This Adidas Matchbreak Super is a dyed red suede with a thick knap. Using the soft bristle brush Mr. Reshoevn8r focuses on the tongue first to see how well the brushing is going to work.


Luckily this method works on the thick knap! As Mr. Reshoevn8r moves around the sneaker he uses the dry suede eraser again and then works his way through his other brushes to clean the midsoles and other parts of the sneaker.


PRO TIP: if you can avoid using solution, or anything wet on suede while cleaning… DO IT.


The Adidas midsole is full of texture and curves, after using the medium and stiff bristle brushes, they did not get the job done. Mr. Reshoevn8r put his muscles to the test and had to put in some elbow grease to get these midsoles clean.


All in all the Reshoevn8r Dry Suede kit is the go-to kit for cleaning most Suede sneakers. Still worried about cleaning your own suede? We have two amazing services coming up that will help ease the pain.



We are in the end stages of testing for our Online Sneaker Cleaning Service, where you will be able to send in sneakers from all over the United States for our certified experts to clean. The second option is for do-it-yourselfers. We are also in the end stages of testing our “Call an Expert” service that will allow you to get a dedicated virtual meeting with a sneaker care expert that can answer your questions, from basic to the most advanced.


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