Glow in the Dark Tour Nike Huarache Kanye West Sample

Glow In The Dark Tour Nike Huarache — Rare Kanye Sample

This is the rarest shoe you've never heard of.

Can you name this sneaker? I sure couldn't — until a customer dropped off a pair at our cleaning service. 

Introducing the Glow In the Dark Tour Kanye West Nike Huarache. This sample shoe is one of 5 in existence, and it's in desperate need of a restoration. 


A pair in brand new condition can fetch upwards of $40k on the resale market, but this pair is far from new. Not only is a good restoration crucial for the sustainability of your shoes, but it increases (or maintains) the resale value, too. 

Take a good look at this shoe — when Vick's all done, it's going to look like a million bucks. 

Vick's Picks: 5 Major Keys to a Successful Sneaker Restoration

Whether you're working on a pair that's worth $40 or $40k, there are a few things every good sneaker restoration should cover. 

  • Asses, then clean. No two shoes are alike, so each restoration project will require different cleaning techniques. Vick cleaned the soles first to avoid damaging the uppers, and reached for the Sneaker Wipes rather than Solution for most of the cleaning process. 
  • What you can't see matters, too. Just because the sockliner and insole aren't visible while wearing your shoes doesn't mean you should neglect them. Any good restoration is done from the inside-out. 
  • Shoe Trees are underrated. Creasing can't be prevented, but a good Shoe Tree will go a long way in reshaping and structuring the toe box on your next restoration project. 
  • Details count double. Every little detail must be thought of. Don't leave any stone (or stitch) unturned. 
  • You can't save them all. Some things are beyond repair. The 3M on the GITD Huarache is cracked, and that's okay. A good sneaker restorer knows when to move on. 

The Results

Are you ready for the big reveal? It's safe to say RESHOEVN8R got the job done. 

Have a restoration project you're ready to undertake? Be sure to tag us on Instagram and share your work! 

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