Giving Back To The Community with Our Heart & Sole Campaign

Giving Back To The Community with Our Heart & Sole Campaign

Heart and Sole Charity Donations:

Attention Reshoevn8tion... We have an announcement! This year we have partnered with Sneakercon and Bata Sole to give back to the community one sneaker at a time. Throughout the 2024 event season we will be traveling to Sneakercon shows all over the United States to collect your used sneakers.

Whether you are looking to give away a pair of kicks to clear up some space in the closet or you have a pair that you think is too beat to clean up; we are taking them all. At each Sneakercon that Reshoevn8r attends we will have our donation boxes set up around the convention center to collect as many sneakers for the charity as possible. Are you ready to be a part of our journey to give back to the world?

What is the goal of the campaign?

Our goal for the 2024 season is to collect over 2500 pairs of shoes to give back to a community in the Philippines. You heard that right we are looking for A LOT of shoes and you can be a part of it. Once we hit our goal of 2500 our shoe care experts will clean and sanitize the donated sneakers before heading to the Philippines to change a communities lives for the better.

How to get involved?

Getting involved is easy. If you are attending a Sneakercon this year, grab a pair of your used kicks on the way out and look for the donation boxes around the convention center (You can't miss that bright pink). Drop your sneakers in the box for some free Reshoevn8r product and walk away knowing that you are helping someone in need.


If you are not attending a Sneakercon, but still want to be involved in the event; send us a DM and we will help you get involved. We would love to include everyone around the country to make a stride for those communities in need. After all EVERYONE deserves to walk in clean shoes with confidence.

Check out our past Philippines experience:

A few years back we had the opportunity to travel across the world and donate 1500 pairs of sneakers to a community that needed them more than we even can comprehend. After working with Bata Sole we were able to transform over one thousand people's lives with one pair of sneakers. Follow the full journey and see what donating one pair of sneakers can do for another human being.

We've done it before and we will do it again this year, but we are trying to almost double our collections.. We can't do this without you! Join the movement right now and we will see you at Sneakercon this year. 

Our next Sneakercon will be in Los Angeles, California on July 13th and 14th. Bring a pair of your used kicks and pick up some product. Plus meet the RESHOEVN8R team and join our cleaning competitions for even more fun. Don't miss this event or your chance to give back to the world.

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