Cleaning the Nike Dunk High with the Dry Suede Kit.

How to Care for Suede

Clean your Suede the Easy Way


Suede is by far one of the hardest materials to clean. 

Cleaning your precious suede sneakers can be a tricky task if you don't have the proper tools or know-how to get the job done. 

One slip up can make your suede WORSE, not better. 

Today we're going to be showing you what tools you'll need to take care of your suede, and giving you a quick rundown on how to use each of them to keep your suede clean, buttery, soft, and protected.

By using each of these four products in succession, you can make your suede look brand new without stressing over ruining it for good. 

Let's get it. 

1. Clean Suede with the Dry Suede Kit

The Dry Suede Kit from Reshoevn8r is the first step in properly caring for your suede shoes. 

Use the included Suede Eraser and gently erase away any stains on the suede of your kicks. Try not to apply too much pressure, as to avoid damaging the delicate material.

Once you've erased the stains, grab the included Suede Brush and brush the suede until clean and free of any remaining eraser debris. 

Dry Suede Kit



Now that the stains and surface dirt have been erased and brushed away, we want to reset the nap of the suede (or in other words, make it feel buttery soft once again). 

We're going to learn how to reset the nap of the suede with our Brass Bristle Brush.

2. Reset the Nap of the Suede With the Brass Bristle Brush

Before you start hitting the suede with the Brass Bristle Brush, you need to understand that when used improperly, this brush WILL damage your suede. 

To properly reset the nap of the suede with the Brass Bristle Brush, you want to very lightly brush in different directions across the suede of the shoe. When we say light, we mean it. You shouldn't be applying any pressure to the're really just trying to kiss the surface of the suede with the brush. 

When done properly, this should reset the nap of the suede. To test, try running your finger back and forth across the suede...if you can seen the color changing and the suede moving back and forth, you're nappy and ready to move on to the next step. 

Brass Bristle Brush



Nap time is over, let's move on to our Mink Oil to learn how to recondition and restore the color of your suede. 

3. Bring Color Back with Mink Oil

Reshoevn8r Mink Oil is your suede's new best friend. This stuff is magic. To use the Mink Oil, hold the can about 6-8 inches away from your shoe, and apply a light coat. 

Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area. 

Mink Oil



Once you've applied your coat of Mink Oil, quickly grab your Horsehair Brush and proceed to the final step. 

4. Restore Faded Suede with the Horsehair Brush

With your fresh coat of Mink Oil down on the suede, use the Reshoevn8r Horsehair Brush to rub the Mink Oil into the suede. 

Horsehair Brush



Again, we want to be gentle with the delicate suede. Rub the Mink Oil in a variety of directions across the suede until the color is restored. 

If after one application of Mink Oil the color isn't back to where you'd like it, go ahead and repeats steps 3-4 again for another coat. Be sure to allow the material to dry for at least 5-10 minutes in between coats, and be extra careful to avoid oversaturating the suede. 

Cleaning Suede: Nothing to it. 

In just four easy steps, you learned how to restore your suede with Reshoevn8r's premium shoe care products. Now all that's left to do is rock your kicks with confidence. 

Pro tip: Protect your newly restored suede with Reshoevn8r Water + Stain Repellent

For even more sneaker cleaning and restoration tips and tricks, check out our Youtube channel. 


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