How To Clean Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott With Reshoevn8r

How To Clean Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott With Reshoevn8r

What's going on Reshoevn8r family! Welcome back to the blog for this week's tutorial. We are cleaning these Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 lows. This is one of my favorite Jordan collaborations to come out in the last few years, and I’m stoked to get these nice and clean. 

Our essential kit has got all the tools we need to get these shoes cleaned right. This is one of our most popular kits and it comes with a microfiber towel, our 3 brushes, and a four ounce cleaning solution

Let’s get into it!

The first step is to remove the laces and insert our adjustable shoe tree

Next, we're going to go ahead and get the cleaning solution ready, add it to our bowl filled with water. Two small squirts will do. Quick reminder, this shoe has a really delicate nubuck material so as we use the cleaning solution, shake off as much excess as we can before we hit the shoe.

While working the brush, make sure to evenly clean the upper. This will help avoid leaving any water spots on the material. A gentle, but firm motion will help get the dirt and grime off the shoe. These brushes are designed to do all the work and get a deep clean.

Now that we have done a pass through with the soft brush, using the microfiber towel, pat down the shoe to get a better read on whether the cleaning is sufficient or if they will need another pass through with the soft brush.

Following the cleaning of the upper, let’s move on to the midsole where we will use the medium bristle brush and the stiff bristle brush. The medium bristle brush does a really great job of getting that surface dirt off of the rubber and loosening any debris on the midsole.

Now with the stiff bristle brush, go over the same surface area you did with the medium brush. This is really going to get the stains and grime off of the midsole. Keep in mind, when using the stiff brush, to be careful and attentive to where the midsole meets the upper because you can do some irreversible damage to the material. The brushes were designed to treat the targeted areas with maximum effort and efficiency. Minimal pressure goes a long way. Again, using the stiff bristle brush, I’m going to hit the outsole and give it a pat down.

Now that we got the entire pre-treatment done on this shoe, go ahead and set it to the side and we're going to get ready to clean the shoelaces. Take your cleaning bowl with the remaining solution and soak the laces as much as you can. Drench them in the solution and then just roll it around in your hands. Get it nice and sudsy. Once you are done, wring them out using the microfiber towel. Pinch it between your fingers and keep pulling it until a majority of the water is gone.

To conclude the cleaning portion, allow the shoe to dry along with the laces. After it has completely dried, reset the nap on the nubuck using our medium bristle brush by gently brushing it back and forth. Once that is complete, go ahead and lace the shoe back up. 

Alright guys, this completes our tutorial for this week’s Shoe Care Academy. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more how-to’s and all of the products used can be found right here on our website

Until next time!

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