How to Clean One of the Most Hype Sneakers of 2020

How to Clean One of the Most Hype Sneakers of 2020

What's going on Reshoevn8r Community!  Welcome back to another in-depth cleaning tutorial on a very special sneaker. Today, we will be cleaning the Fragment Air Jordan 3 which was recently released this September. This sneaker is a collaboration with Jordan Brand and Fragment. 

Hiroshi Fujiwara, better known as "Fragment" has collaborated with Jordan Brand twice now. His first sneaker featured the Jordan 1 and it has skyrocketed in price over the last couple of years. We would not be surprised if this Jordan 3 does the same thing. Luckily, we were able to get our hands on a pair of these early thanks to our good friends over at Sneaker Knockerz! If you are looking to get unreleased sneakers, take a look at their Instagram! One of the great things about getting your hands on early pairs of sneakers is you get to beat them up sooner than everyone else! These sneakers are filthy but we are super excited to clean them for our community!

So for today's cleaning we're gonna go ahead and clean the right shoe with our Essential Kit. The reason we are only cleaning the right shoe is to show you a before and after of how effective this cleaning was. We will also be using our new Drying Rack and Bowl Combo, which is now available online. We love this one!

First step is going to be to take out our laces and throw them to the side. For the next step we are going to put in our adjustable shoe tree. Our Shoe Trees are going to allow us to put lots of pressure on the toe box and not worry about creasing or anything else that could go wrong.

I see these sneakers have a lot of loose dirt and it looks like there is some mud on them. We are going to go ahead and take our medium bristle brush and just kind of dry brush all this loose dirt off. Once all that loose dirt is off now that's going to make it a lot easier to clean. It's going to be a lot less of a mess and we can get started by breaking out our new Drying Rack and Bowl Combo, add a few squirts of our solution and a little bit of water so now that we have our solution and water mix we can go ahead and start cleaning the shoe. We will be starting with the soft bristle brush for the uppers. One thing I'm looking out for right now is this black leather. Just seeing if it was going to bleed and fortunately it doesn't look like it is. After cleaning the uppers they are looking pretty crispy now. The next step is going to be to hit this lining area with our soft bristle brush.

After doing that the lining definitely looks a lot better than what it was. However, there are still a few of these deeper stains so for that i'm going to go ahead and move on to the medium bristle brush just to see if we can get some of these deeper stains out of the lining. You always want to be careful when cleaning the lining just because it is more delicate, especially if you are going to be using the medium bristle brush because it can snag the material and eventually tear it. Now the medium bristles are pretty soft but some delicate materials do tend to snag so one way you can easily check to make sure that isn't going to happen is testing it light on one area of the sneaker. Then if you notice any snagging or any of the material fraying, you definitely don't continue. Fortunately for us, we don't see that on this one so we should be good to go to clean the rest of the lining with the medium bristle brush. The uppers and lining look nice and white again the next step we can go ahead and move on to the midsole. We will be using the medium bristle brush and then we might move on to the stiff bristle brush.

The midsoles are looking nice and white again and the shoe is overall cleaning up great as most leather shoes tend to always clean up great. We're gonna go ahead and now move on to the soles and for that we of course will be using our stiff bristle brush. As you can see bottoms are looking nice and crispy again. We are super happy with how these turned out.

The final step is going to go ahead and clean our laces. You guys know how this part goes. Just take them and dip them in the bowl and just rub them between your hands.

After doing that, the laces are looking nice and white again we're going to go ahead and let these and the shoes off to the side so they can dry a little bit and then we'll come back and lace them up and show you the final result. As you can see these bad boys are looking basically brand new again, compared to what they did look like before we started cleaning them. And that’s a wrap for this cleaning tutorial. Like I said before, we would not have been able to do this cleaning for you guys without our good friends over at Sneaker Knockerz! Make sure you give them a follow on Instagram and you check out their website. We hope you enjoyed this cleaning and this is Reshoevn8r, signing out!

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