How to Clean All White Basketball Shoes

How to Clean All White Basketball Shoes


In this week's Sneaker Care academy we have Vick Almighty cleaning a pair of all white Kobe 8 halo’s. The pair that we dirtied looked absolutely cooked. There is tons of dirt and scuffs all over the uppers and midsoles of these shoes, making it hard to tell if these shoes were even all white to begin with. It is a rare occasion to have Vick cleaning a pair of shoes instead of restoring them or making customs so make sure you show some love at the video link below. We are gonna get into the step by step instructions on how to easily clean your all white basketball shoes!

Products Used

In this clean Vick uses the Reshoevn8r Signature kit which includes our 8oz cleaning solution, soft, medium, and stiff bristle brush, two shoe trees, microfiber towel, and the patented Reshoevn8r sneaker laundry bag which gives you the ability to clean your sneakers in the washing machine. The patented sneaker laundry stem can fit up to a pair of Mens size 12 high tops at a time so if you have a shoe size bigger than that you will have to wash every shoe individually.

The Clean

Now to begin the clean you will want to take out your laces and place them to the side while inserting your shoe trees to remove any creasing and help with a more effective clean. Then Vick uses a dry brush and air compressor on the uppers to remove any surface level dirt sitting ontop of the Kobe 8 materials. Next Vick gets to scrubbing on the uppers and inside of the shoe with the soft bristle brush, and uses the medium brush to gently get out any of the stubborn stains on the softer materials. Next he used the medium brush on the midsole, and the stiff brush on the outsole to give this shoe a top to bottom deep clean.

Patented Sneaker Laundry System

The next step in this clean is using the Reshoevn8r patented sneaker laundry system to perfect the clean in the washing machine. Vick puts the dirtied shoe into the laundry machine on a cold cycle for 30-45 minutes. After taking them out it is time for them to air dry for a few hours before showing the results on the clean.


Just like that after a few minutes of scrubbing and a cycle in the washing machine these Kobe 8 Halo’s look brand new. Make sure to pick up your very own signature kit at so, you can rock your all white kicks in confidence with Reshoevn8r.

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