How to Clean Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers with Reshoevn8r

How to Clean Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers with Reshoevn8r

Hey everyone! It's me, Mr. Reshoevn8r, and I'm back with another cleaning tutorial. As you have likely noticed, we just rebranded. We're stoked to show you how to use some of the new products. Today we're covering these beat Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. These shoes weigh about 45 pounds a piece. I could do some curls with these bad boys, so I know this cleaning will be a workout on its own.

The first thing we're going to do is take the shoelaces out.

Next, we've got the shoe tree in there to maintain the form, and now we can apply good pressure throughout the cleaning.

The next thing to do is put some water in the collapsible bowl and add two small squirts of cleaning solution.

Now that we have our solution in our bowl, we've got the laces out and the shoe trees in, I'm going to go ahead and grab the first brush. I'm going to be using which our soft bristle brush. Our new brushes are awesome. I've had a chance to use them in super detail and they're a little bit bigger than the previous generation brush. They've got more bristles as well, so they're working really well on our cleanings. Those of you who have used our products before, once you try the redesigned version, I think you're going to like them. 

We've made a big improvement on what we were doing before and our brushes before were already pretty good! I'm going to go ahead and dip this soft bristle brush in our solution. When pre-treating the uppers, it's crucial to let the brush do the work. We have three different brushes in varying density for a good reason, if you apply too much pressure, you can damage both the brushes and the shoes. 

I recommend focusing strictly on the uppers with the soft bristle brush. There's no reason to hit the midsoles with it.

These shoes are already looking great, and honestly if these sneakers didn't weigh about 45 pounds each, I would put them in the washing machine... but I don't want to damage the washing machine, so we're just going to do a quick clean.

We've shared a lot about the new rebranded products and kits, but if you're interested in hearing from someone else, go check out Hes Kicks YouTube channel for a breakdown of all the improvements. He's also got some great tutorials and reviews. Definitely worth subscribing if you haven't already. 

Now that we've gone over it once with the soft bristle brush, I'm going to go ahead and move on to the medium bristle brush. As you can see, our new medium brush has white bristles. This is super helpful compared to the old brushes, and takes away some of the confusion between the medium and stiff bristle brushes.

I'm going to go ahead and take that and see what I can do to the shoe. I went ahead and I hit the uppers and did a once-over on the midsoles.

Now I'm moving on to our stiff bristle brush. This brush was made specifically for midsoles and outsoles. There's no brush better to clean this type of material. Let's take this stiff bristle brush and move onto the midsole. I want to be careful on painted midsole areas. I am brushing it, but you don't want to press too hard. 

Now that I've gone over the shoe from top to bottom, I'm going to go ahead and take the microfiber towel and pat it dry.

With this particular shoe, since the material gets wet, I'm going to have to let them dry a little bit to be sure if they're super clean or not.

It's important when you're doing a basic cleaning like this to let the shoes dry a little bit and come back to them later. This will reveal whether or not you need to hit some touch-ups or problem areas for the cleaning.

That's about it for this tutorial. While you're here, please check out our new website. With our recent rebrand we're super excited. We've completely elevated everything that we've been doing, and we did this because of you.

For this cleaning, we used our new Essential kit, which you can find here at

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