How to Clean Birkenstock Boston Clogs (Leather or Suede + Footbed)

How to Clean Birkenstock Boston Clogs (Leather or Suede + Footbed)

How to clean Birkenstock Boston Clogs 

The Birkenstock Boston Clog has been a comfort footwear staple for years. The comfortable cork footbed and premium materials look great and feel great, too. But, both the footbed and upper on the Birkenstock Boston Clog are difficult to clean if you don't have the right tools. 

Do you wear your Birkenstock Boston Clogs on a daily basis? Are they dirty and grimy from days, months, or years of wear? This article is for you.

Kick those feet up and take some notes: This is how to clean Birkenstock Boston Clogs with RESHOEVN8R. 

Essential Kit

The only kit you need to clean any Birkenstock sandal or shoe!

Dry Suede Kit

Use this on suede Birkenstocks!

Step 1: Clean the Upper with the Soft Brush

Birkenstock Boston Clogs come in multiple varieties, so we've broken down this portion of the cleaning process by material! 

For Leather Birkenstock Boston Clogs:

For Suede Birkenstock Boston Clogs:

  • Use the Eraser from the Dry Suede Kit to erase small stains and dirt.
  • Brush the suede with the included Medium Brush to remove eraser shavings and surface dirt.
  • If needed, use the Soft Brush and Solution to gently clean any deeper stains. Note: Wetting the suede too much may cause damage. Use as little water & Solution as possible.

Step 2: Clean the Footbed with the Medium Brush

The cork footbed on the Birkenstock Boston Clog is notoriously hard to keep clean. The RESHOEVN8R Medium Brush proves a great solution to this problem. 

  • Dip the Medium Brush in your Solution & water and scrub the footbed until clean. 

Step 3:  Scrub the Sole with the Stiff Brush

  • The Stiff Brush is reserved for cleaning soles. Scrub the sole with the Stiff Brush to complete the preliminary cleaning. 

Step 4: Condition your Leather or Suede with Mink Oil

RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil is a leather and suede conditioner. Apply a thin coat to your Birkenstock Boston Clogs to preserve the premium materials. 

  • Spray a light coat of Mink Oil directly onto the leather/suede from 6-8 inches away.
  • Brush the Mink Oil into the material with soft brush. 
  • Wipe off any excess Mink Oil with the Microfiber Towel.  

Mink Oil should only be applied in a well-ventilated area. DO NOT APPLY INDOORS. 

Mink Oil


Cleaning Birkenstock Boston Clogs – FAQs

What cleaner can I use on Birkenstocks?

RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Cleaning Solution is safe and effective on Birkenstsocks. The all-natural Solution is made of Coconut and Jojoba Oil, and is free of dyes and perfumes.

My footbed is still dirty, what else can I use to clean it? 

If the Medium Brush doesn't do the job, use the Stiff Brush to clean the footbed. You can also dip the Microfiber Towel in the Solution and spot clean stains on the cork.

Pro Tip: Sandpaper can make light work of the dirty cork on your Birkenstock Boston Clogs. Lightly sand away the dirt and stains on the footbed for a quick fix. 

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