How to Clean Boots from Uggs to Timberlands

How to Clean Boots from Uggs to Timberlands

How to Clean Boots from Uggs to Timberlands

With the Winter season comes cold weather, rain, snow and putting away the Dunks and Jordans and breaking out boots like Timberlands and Uggs. These harsh conditions make for a sneakerhead's worst nightmare. Puddles filled with mud that will ruin any shoe within a five foot radius, your little brother spilling a Holiday meal on your brand new Uggs, or even just the rain ruining the suede and leather on your shoes. This time of year is DANGEROUS for shoes everywhere including those designed for the cold. So, we are going to go into depth on how to clean your uggs and timberlands for this upcoming cold season. All you need to clean your Uggs and Timberlands is the Reshoevn8r Essential kit. This features our 4oz cleaning solution, soft, medium and stiff bristle brush, and microfiber towel. 

How To Clean?

Boots with suede and leather materials will all be cleaned almost the exact same way. You will want to clean the upper of the shoe with the Soft Bristle Brush, to give it a deep clean without damaging the suede and leather materials. The most important thing with cleaning a suede shoe is to not over saturate the material with water. If the shoe is not evenly cleaned all the way around there will be discoloration in the suede which can cause the shoe to look differently on different parts or can even cause the material to look matted or crusty. In order to avoid this when cleaning the upper of the shoe you need to make sure the brush is not to wet and when you are done getting all of the excess dirt and grime out of the shoe, to go over the shoe again with the soft brush completely dry to even out the material. One other pro tip is to pat the boot dry as you go using the Microfiber Towel. This will allow you to absorb as much water as you can before it goes into the suede.  


Complete the Clean

To finish cleaning the shoe you can clean the midsole with the medium or stiff bristle brush for those scuffs that just won’t come out and the stiff bristle brush for the sole to clean the entire boot from top to bottom. Cleaning boots like Uggs or Timberlands are very simple but require caution to make sure that it is done correctly. All it takes is the Reshoevn8r Essential kit and some Mink oil from our website, and linked below are some videos giving you step by step instructions on how to clean these shoes.

How To Fix?

Now what do you do if you accidentally over saturate the shoe and it causes uneven coloring? You can try cleaning the shoe again, but make sure that you clean it evenly this time, this can fix the discoloration. If that doesn’t work you can use the Reshoevn8r Mink Oil to bring back the color in your suede and leather materials. 

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