How to Clean Nike Dunk Low — Best Method

How to Clean Nike Dunk Low — Best Method

The BEST way to clean Nike Dunk Low

We stand by our products! To put them to the test, we cleaned a friends' pair of the Nike Paris Dunks, a shoe that is worth more than $100k. 

If RESHOEVN8R is good enough to clean Paris Dunks, it's good enough to handle your dirty Dunk Lows. 

Are your shoes in need of a clean? Follow along to learn how to clean Nike Dunk Lows with a few of our favorite shoe care products. 

Essential Kit 

The first product you need to clean your Nike Dunk is the Essential Kit. This kit comes with all three of our premium shoe care brushes, shoe trees, Solution, and a microfiber towel.

Cleaning with the Essential Kit: 

  • Remove the shoe laces and insert the Adjustable Shoe Trees. 
  • Use the Soft Brush and Solution to gently clean the uppers.
  • Scrub the midsole with the Medium Brush and Solution. 
  • Hit the outsole with the Stiff Brush and Solution.
  • Dry the shoes with the microfiber towel.

Dry Suede Kit

The next product we love to use on Nike Dunks is the Dry Suede Kit. The Paris Dunks are made of both canvas and suede, so this product is a must. The eraser provides a dry cleaning option for your suede shoes, and the included brush is perfect to reset the nap and make your suede buttery soft. 

How to Clean Dunks with the Dry Suede Kit

  • Use the suede eraser to remove small stains.
  • Brush the suede with the included brush to remove eraser shavings and reset the nap. 

Mink Oil

Mink Oil is a natural leather and suede conditioner. It works top bring back faded suede and to keep leather moisturized and soft. Vick used Mink Oil to protect and restore the suede on the Nike SB Paris Dunks. 

Using Mink Oil on Nike Dunk Lows

  • Spray a light coat of Mink Oil directly onto suede or leather. 
  • Brush it in with the Soft Brush. 
  • Reapply as needed.

Sneaker Deodorizer

Your shoes should smell as fresh as they look. That's why Vick used our Sneaker Deodorizer to freshen up his friends' Paris Dunks. This is a great alternative when the materials on your shoes don't allow for them to be put through our patented Laundry System

Now you know: The best method to clean Nike Dunk Lows

Why would you clean your shoes any other way? We trusted our RESHOEVN8R products to restore the dirty Paris Dunks, and you should too. 

Have questions on how to clean your Nike Dunk Lows? Reach out to us on Instagram, or use the chat feature on the site to receive expert advice from our shoe cleaning professionals! 

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