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How to Clean Gucci Rhyton Sneakers

The Best Way to Clean Gucci

You already know we’re Gucci fans over here at RESHOEVN8R. We don’t clean them as often as Jordans or Yeezys, but it’s essential to understand the nuances and how to clean a Gucci sneaker. 

Today we’ll show you how to clean Gucci Rhyton sneakers, a trendy, high-fashion chunky sneaker from the luxury Italian brand. Now you’re probably wondering why on earth we would let a $1000 Gucci shoe get this dirty…well why don’t you ask our friend and longtime supporter, Futuristic

Futuristic rocked this pair of Gucci Rhytons in his latest music video, and they got trashed in the process. He dropped them off at RESHOEVN8R HQ so we could show you how to clean Gucci Rhytons.

It’s important to know that RESHOEVN8R works well on all kinds of sneakers, including designer sneakers like the Gucci Rhyton. We can clean anything from Gucci, Louis, Balenciaga, and more. Our Sneaker Cleaning Solution is gentle enough to clean these high-end sneakers. If you’re worried about cleaning your shoes, learn from Futuristic and send them to us so that our expert team can take care of your designer shoes for you! 

We’ll be cleaning the Gucci Rhyton with the RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle, which should give Rob everything he needs to do a gentle yet effective clean on this premium sneaker. 

Cleaning Leather Gucci Sneakers 

Rob started the cleaning by attempting to dry brush the leather upper, to no avail. Skipping straight to the Sneaker Cleaning Solution, Rob used the Soft Bristle Brush to remove surface dirt and debris before attempting to remove the deeper stains with the Medium Bristle Brush. 

Despite Rob’s best efforts, the Medium Bristle Brush struggled to remove some of the really tough stains. Rob remedied this problem by dipping the Microfiber Towel in the Solution and then using his finger to buff out each stain. Cleaning Gucci sneakers this way can be more time-consuming, but it provides a solid clean without damaging the delicate leather material. 

Things are looking pretty Gucci! 

Moving on to the soles, Rob used the Stiff Bristle Brush to scrub the outsole to finish the preliminary clean. Then he cleaned the shoelaces with Solution and the Soft Bristle Brush. If your laces don’t look perfect after the initial scrub, that’s okay because we usually just throw them in the washing machine anyway. 

Sneakers in the Wash? It's Gucci! 

Now it’s time to wash the Gucci Rhyton in the washing machine. Even though this bad boy is CHUNKY, it still fits perfectly in our Sneaker Laundry Bag.

You can put your pair of Gucci Rhyton in the washing machine! Who knew? The midsole and leather upper should come out considerably cleaner after we use our Patented Laundry System

Rob bagged up the Gucci Rhyton sneaker in our Sneaker Laundry Bag and put it in the washing machine along with a Sneaker Laundry Detergent Pod. The Laundry System cleaned up the shoe immaculately. 

The Gucci Rhyton took some extra effort to clean, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Luxury kicks deserve the luxury treatment only the RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle can provide. 

Now Futuristic can rock his pair of Gucci Rhytons with confidence. Maybe we’ll see them in another music video? If and when he dirty’s them again, RESHOEVN8R is here for him. 

Have you ever owned a pair of Gucci shoes? 

Head over to Youtube and let us know in the comments. 

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