This pair of Air Jordan 1's in the Smoke Grey Colorway are in desperate need of a deep clean.

Jordan 1 Smoke Grey | Deep Clean

From Beater to Banger | Deep Clean of the Smoke Grey Air Jordan 1

Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care Academy. Today Jordan is going to be showing you how to clean one of her personal pairs; the Smoke Grey Jordan 1. 

Jordan hasn’t been very nice to them, so we’re gonna put them through a deep cleaning using the Reshoevn8r Deep Clean Signature Bundle…they definitely need the love. 

Jordan Cleaning Jordans…what could be better than that?

Without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

First Things First

When cleaning any shoe, it’s important to start by stuffing the shoe with our adjustable Shoe Trees. This will prevent the toe box from creasing, and also make it easier to scrub.

Another key area that sometimes gets overlooked are the shoelaces. Removing the laces will allow you to get a better clean on and around the tongue, as well as give you a chance to pretreat the laces themselves in Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution

Now that Jordan has inserted the shoe tree and removed the laces, we can officially get started on this deep clean. 

Brush 3 Times a Day

To give these Jordan 1s a proper clean, Jordan used our Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution and our 3 Brush Pack.

Let’s work our way through the brush matrix, starting with the Soft Bristle Brush. Jordan used the Soft Bristle Brush to scrub the entire upper and tongue of the shoe. This should remove any surface dirt and grime, as well as start to break down any of the tougher stains.

Now done with the Soft Bristle Brush, Jordan moved onto the Medium Bristle Brush to work on those tough stains on the tongue, and to scrub the midsole. We want the midsole looking white again.

For deeper stains on the midsole, Jordan used a nifty trick; our Microfiber Towel dipped in Cleaning Solution. After giving them a good rub, the midsoles are back to their bright white color.

Continuing through the brushes, Jordan finished up the preliminary cleaning with the Stiff Bristle Brush, which she used to scrub the outsole.

Laced with Dirt

Because they’ve been soaking in the solution, these should be pretty easy to clean. Jordan grabbed the laces and rubbed them together with her hands to give them a good scrub.

 If your laces are pretty nasty, you can always use the Soft Bristle Brush to help with this step. After wringing them out and drying them off with the Microfiber Towel, we’re nearing completion. 

Always Sunny

The next step is to let your shoes dry. For suede shoes like this pair of Smoke Grey Jordan 1s, it’s best to let them dry out in the sun, to ensure that they dry evenly. Luckily for us, Arizona is always sunny so this pair dried up real nice.

Let’s give the suede a little more love. Jordan used our Brass Bristle Brush to reset the nap of the suede and get it feeling buttery soft again. When using the Brass Bristle Brush, it’s important to keep your strokes light, and only hit the suede material to prevent damaging the rest of the shoe.

Once she got the suede where she wanted it, Jordan relaced the kicks for a final before-and-after comparison…

A Fitting First Pair

Jordan’s gotta be pretty pleased with how these turned out. 

Her personal beaters are now back to like new condition; a comeback for the ages. And to make it even better, this pair of Smoke Grey Jordan 1s just happens to be Jordan’s first pair of Jordans… ever. 

What pair started your collection?

Let us know down below. And don’t forget to click over to Youtube for more sneaker cleaning tips and tutorials.

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