Cleaning the Leather Louis Vuittion LV Trainer.

How to Clean Leather Louis Vuitton Trainers

Cleaning Leather Louis Vuitton Trainers 

What good are we if we can't tackle the occasional luxury sneaker? We've seen a few Louis Vuitton shoes in our day, but this one may be the worst. 

Is RESHOEVN8R effective enough to clean leather Louis Vuitton Trainers? I'll let you be the judge of that. 

Let's make a bet! If we get these LV Trainers looking right, you have to buy an Essential Kit. If we fail...

Essential Kit 

Got a pair of luxury leather shoes sitting at home begging to be cleaned? All you need is a RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit. If you've got the cash to drop on a LV shoe you should have no problem buying our most economical shoe cleaning kit. 

Lather that Leather

Our Sneaker Cleaning Solution is hard on dirt, but easy on leather. The natural Coconut and Jojoba Oils condition your leather shoes as you clean. That's a win-win! 

We used the Soft Brush to soap up the entire leather upper, then wiped it down with the Microfiber Towel. Don't fret — the Soft Brush won't damage your delicate shoes. 

Scrub those Soles

White midsoles are so hard to keep clean. Luckily for you, the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit makes quick work of midsole scuffs and stains. We used the Medium Brush to remove the surface stains. Then, we used our Microfiber Towel to buff out any deeper stains. 

The Stiff Brush makes cleaning dirty outsoles a breeze. Don't be afraid to give it some elbow grease, that gunk can be hard to remove! 

Lovingly Lace the Louis

After letting the Louis Vuitton LV Trainers air dry they're ready to be laced up and sent on their way. Let's check out some before & after photos and admire these luxury leather shoes! 

If I were a betting man...

Remember that little wager we had earlier? Looks like you're not walking out of here without an Essential Kit. Your shoes will thank you later. 

Need some shoe cleaning advice or want to share some photos of your most recent shoe care project? Message us on Instagram! 

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