The Nike Dunk Red Championship with the RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle

Cleaning Beat Nike Dunks with RESHOEVN8R

The Dunks Don’t Stop

No shoe has made a comeback quite like the Nike Dunk. Once part of the Nike SB line and often relegated to the Nike outlet shelves, the Dunk has quickly become one of the most popular sneakers of the last few years.

Evidence is all around - I challenge you to find a high school, college, or university campus that hasn’t been overtaken by crowds of the black and white Panda Dunks. 

With all of the popularity surrounding the model, it’s only fitting that we show you how to clean Nike Dunks with RESHOEVN8R. Today’s colorway is the Championship Red Dunks, and our pair looks BEAT. 

Make sure you watch the video and then follow along as we detail how to use the RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle to clean your own pair of Dunks. 

What’s Inside the Deep Clean Signature Bundle?

I’m glad you asked! The Deep Clean Signature Bundle is our most complete and comprehensive sneaker cleaning kit. It includes a Signature Kit, Sneaker Laundry Pods, a Drying Rack & Bowl Combo, a Cleaning Mat, an 8 oz bottle of Sneaker Cleaning Solution, and a pack of Sneaker Wipes. 

So whether you’re sitting down for a detailed cleaning like the one shown in the video, or just need to quickly wipe down your kicks on the go with a Sneaker Wipe, the Deep Clean Signature Bundle has you fully covered. 

Here’s What You Need To Clean Your Nike Dunks

  1. Sneaker Cleaning Solution 
  2.  Drying Rack & Bowl Combo 
  3.  Three Brush Pack 
  4.  Cleaning Mat 
  5.  Adjustable Shoe Trees 
  6.  Microfiber Towel

Clean the Funk off of Your Dunks

Once you’ve got the Cleaning Mat laid down and two squirts of Sneaker Cleaning Solution in the bowl of water, it’s time to get started on the cleaning. Insert the Adjustable Shoe Tree, and put your shoelaces directly into the water and Sneaker Cleaning Solution mixture. 

Like Jonny demonstrated, use the Soft Bristle Brush first to start to break down the dirt and grime from the surface of the Dunks. This will create a lot of suds, and that’s okay. Wipe down the shoe periodically with the Microfiber Towel.

After doing this on the Championship Red Dunks, most of the dirt and stains on the leather upper are already gone. To tackle the tougher stains on the white midsole of the sneakers, Jonny used the Medium Bristle Brush.

You can use the Medium Bristle Brush on the upper too if some of the stains didn’t come out with the initial passover of the Soft Bristle Brush. However, in our case going back over the upper wasn’t necessary. 

Once the midsole is to your liking, use the Stiff Bristle Brush to scrub down the outsole of the Dunks. Jonny didn’t have too much trouble with this step and was pleasantly surprised with how easily the sole cleaned up on our pair. 

Now that our preliminary clean is done we can shift our focus to the shoelaces, which have been soaking in the Sneaker Cleaning Solution for a little while. Usually, we suggest just scrubbing the laces in your hands, but if they’re really dirty you can use the Soft Bristle Brush to scrub them as Jonny does in the video. Run them through the Microfiber Towel to dry and you should be good to go! 

No Wash Necessary

Jonny was planning on putting the Championship Red Dunks in the washing machine with our Sneaker Laundry Bag and Sneaker Laundry Pods, but because the shoe cleaned up so nicely with just our Three Brushes and the Sneaker Cleaning Solution there’s no need. 

In any case, when you purchase your own Deep Clean Signature Bundle you’ll have everything you need to put your shoes through our Patented Laundry System when the time comes. 

After you finish cleaning your Dunks, set them outside so that they dry evenly, and then throw those shoelaces back in. Just like that, your Nike Dunks are clean and ready to wear. 

Now You Try It!

Jonny did a great job on our pair. Prior to the cleaning, the Championship Red Nike Dunks didn’t look very red, but now they’re vibrant and bright. 

Hopefully, your pair turns out just as well. With the proper sneaker cleaning tools, it’s easy to keep your own Dunks fresh no matter how bad the mess. 

Pick up your own RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle and never get caught rocking beat Dunks again.

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