How to Clean Nike SB Jarrito Dunks

How to Clean Nike SB Jarrito Dunks


The Nike SB Dunk “Jarritos'' Colorway is one of the most sought after shoes in the sneaker industry right now. These shoes were made after the Mexican heritage inspired drink brand Jarritos. This company was started in 1950 by Don Fransisco Hill who created naturally flavored Sodas with a very unique flavor. Their natural tropical fruit flavors truly set them apart from other big named soda companies in the industry and is ultimately what has led to their continued success. The name Jarritos actually represents traditional Mexican clay drinking jugs and has remained the same since the beginning to keep the brand rooted in its authentic Mexican heritage. The Jarritos inspired Nike Dunks have crazy color patterns on the upper that represent the brand's unique flavor profiles along with intricate detailing throughout the shoe including the different flavors of the brand on the insole and green and orange clay drinking jugs on the tongue and heel of the shoe. Every last detail of this shoe was thought through and intricately designed which is why the Jarritos Nike Dunk is one of the most coveted sneakers today and will continue to be for years to come.

Trashing Em

Before this cleaning got started one of our videographers Miguel absolutely trashed these Jarritos dunks. He drenched them in Jarritos of course and then threw them in a mud puddle and covered them with dirt and they looked horrible. In this cleaning Vick is using the Reshoevn8r signature kit which comes with our soft, medium, and stiff bristle brushes, 4oz cleaning solution, microfiber towel, sneaker laundry bag, and a pair of shoe trees.

Starting the Clean

First things first Vick takes out the laces and the insole before starting the clean. Vick then takes these dunks outside and uses the medium brush and air compressor to get rid of all the surface level dirt before using the cleaning solution. Going over with a dry brush and using the air compressor first can keep you from pushing unneeded dirt into the shoe making for a more effective clean. Next Vick puts the shoe tree into the Jarritos to keep the shoe from creasing when cleaning and to also make the toe box easier to clean. Vick then uses the soft bristle brush on the uppers and the inside of the shoe, and then uses the stiff brush to go over the midsole and sole of these dunks. The reason Vick uses the soft bristle brush on the uppers and inside is to make sure he doesn’t damage the delicate materials on the upper. Using a stiffer brush on these materials could potentially damage the shoe so it is important to use the right brush for certain materials.



Finishing Up

To Finish up this clean Vick uses the soft bristle brush to clean the laces and the insoles, because even the littlest details matter when giving an iconic shoe a perfect clean. He then uses the Reshoevn8r Patented laundry bag and laundry pods to clean them in the washing machine. The shoes already look brand new after scrubbing but to make sure you get out all of the dirt and grime from the inside of the materials you need to put them through the wash. After all of that the Jarritos are looking brand new. You wouldn’t even know that Miguel absolutely trashed these. To make sure you cleaned your dunks perfectly you got to check out the video linked below, to see how the one and only Vick Almighty saved these iconic Nike Sb Jarritos Dunks.

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