How to Clean the 2024 Air Jordan Bred 4's

How to Clean the 2024 Air Jordan Bred 4's


In this week's sneaker care academy, shoe cleaning fanatic Nick Wilson sacrificed his own pair of 2024 Bred 4’s for a clean , and I think he’s regretting his decision after looking at them. There is a ton of dirt and grime plastered along the uppers and midsole from top to bottom. They might not be the dirtiest or hardest to clean we have had but they are definitely up there when it comes to how disgusting they are. I mean Nick has only had them since they dropped in February of 2024 so how did he get them this dirty? Not to mention this dirty on purpose. Well shout out to Nick because this gives us the chance to teach all of you how to clean your 2024 Air Jordan Bred 4’s, one of the hottest releases of the year.

Products Used

For this clean Nick uses the Reshoevn8r essential cleaning kit, which is one of the most affordable and versatile shoe cleaning kits on the market. It features our all natural cleaning solution, microfiber towel and our soft, medium, and stiff bristle brush. This kit was designed to be able to clean most materials while maintaining an affordable price range for people trying out our one of a kind products. Now let’s see how to use this kit on Nicks Bred 4’s.

A box of Reshoevn8r Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit resting on a white background. The kit includes a bottle of cleaning solution, three brushes in different softness levels (soft, medium, and stiff), and a microfiber towel. Text on the box indicates the brushes are for use on suede, leather, mesh, canvas, nubuck, plastic and rubber shoes.

Prep Work

Nick starts off the clean by going over the uppers with a dry soft brush. Removing all of the surface level dirt will make your cleaning a lot easier. If you go straight to using water and solution you can push unwanted surface level dirt further into the shoe making the clean harder than it needs to be. After this you will remove your laces and insert your shoe trees if you have them and now it is time to start scrubbing.

Scrubbing Time

You will want to start off the clean by scrubbing the uppers with a soft bristle brush that has been dipped in water and solution. Next you will scrub the inside and outside of the uppers to completely clean the shoe. This will also remove the odor from inside, so your friends don’t have to complain about how bad you smell. It is also important to remember when cleaning Jordan 4’s to clean behind all of the different tabs and netting to ensure dirt doesn’t stay trapped behind. After scrubbing the uppers with the soft brush it is time to move onto the midsole. This will be cleaned using the medium brush, because the midsole is made of harder material you can use a stiffer brush for an easier clean. Lastly you will clean the outsoles using the stiff brush for those stubborn scuffs along the bottom of your sneakers. It is important to be careful when using the medium and stiff brush. If you do not use these products carefully you can damage delicate materials or remove paint which is not what we want. Reshoevn8r cleaning kits are the most effective on the market ,but you do have to be careful when cleaning!

Finishing Touches

Now that the shoe itself is completely cleaned it's time for the finishing touches. To clean your laces you will want to use a soft brush with a cleaning solution. All of the other brushes will snag and fray your laces but the soft brush is designed perfectly for giving them a deep clean without damaging them. After that you will want to let these dry out in the sun for a few hours and now you have a deadstock pair of Jordan 4’s. Well at least no one will be able to tell they have been worn (We will Keep your secret safe).

Video Link

If you want to see a step by step process of how to clean your 2024 Jordan 4 Bred in a video click the link below and remember that you can rock your sneakers in confidence with Reshoevn8r.

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