How to Clean White Converse From Home

How to Clean White Converse From Home

In this video Jordan cleans one of the most iconic shoes of all time, the all white high top Chuck Taylor All Star Converse. These shoes were used by our editor while he was working on his car, and theory have some of the worst scuffs I have ever seen on a shoe and, then we also did some extra dirtying so Jordan could show off her cleaning skills.

The Chuck Taylor All Star was originally released all the way back in 1917. For the last 100 years this sneaker has been one of the most popular shoes, in every decade. It was originally created to be a basketball shoe and was worn in professional basketball games from the late 1920’s all the way into the late 1980’s. This shoe is the definition of an Iconic sneaker being worn by some of the greatest athletes of all time including Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and worn off the court today by some of the biggest stars. It was even the official shoe of the United States Armed Forces for World War 2, if that doesn’t describe the most Iconic sneaker in history I don’t know what does.

In this video Jordan Cleans these all white converse using the Reshoevn8r Signature kit which includes our 4oz cleaning solution, soft, medium, and stiff bristle brush, two shoe trees, microfiber towel, and the patented Reshoevn8r sneaker laundry bag which gives you the ability to clean your sneakers in the washing machine without damaging your prized shoes.

Signature Kit

To Start off the clean, Jordan uses the soft bristle brush to clean the upper of the shoe, and then transitions to the medium bristle brush because the soft brush couldn’t quite get the scuffs out. Normally we don’t use the medium bristle brush on the upper of shoes, but the rough canvas material allows us to use it without damaging the shoe. She then used the stiff brush to clean the midsole and sole of the shoe to give the bottom of the sneaker a deep clean. Next she used the microfiber towel to dry and get out some of those extra scuffs after letting our cleaning solution go to work. These shoes had to be put in the washing machine with our laundry bag and pods to get out the deep scuffs on the upper of the shoe. Jordan had to repeat this process a few times because canvas is really tough to get scuffs and stains out of, but eventually these shoes looked brand new after a few washes. 

Laundry Bag

Now our editor can go back to wearing these shoes out on a friday night or maybe bringing these shoes back to the basketball court(I hope not). If you want to clean your own converse you can follow these instructions above or for more information click the link at the top of this page to get your trashed converse looking squeaky clean.

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