How To Deep Clean Balenciaga Speed Trainers with Reshoevn8r

How To Deep Clean Balenciaga Speed Trainers with Reshoevn8r

Hey everyone, It's me, Mr. Reshoevn8r, back with another cleaning tutorial. We'll be cleaning the Balenciaga Speed Trainers and they are filthy. I’m really curious to see how these turn out. Last time we showed you guys some new rebranded products like the bowl, redesigned solution bottle, and brushes. In this tutorial I want to share with you guys a few more new products we have.

The first thing that I want to show you is our new cleaning mat. Those of you that have used our products you know that you can make a big mess when cleaning a pair of shoes so we designed a cleaning mat that is super absorbent and that will help keep your area clean. 

Obviously we got our trusty collapsible bowl, and then last but not least we have our new Signature KitIt comes with all three brushes we have right here, we've got our four ounce bottle of cleaning solution, one pair of shoe treesmicrofiber towel, and the laundry bag

Everything you need for a quick and deep clean.

As you can see the shoe upper is mesh.  It's a delicate material so I'm gonna be using the soft bristle brush and I'm gonna be using the laundry bag.  First thing I'm gonna do is take out the laces. Next, I'm gonna put a shoe tree in there to maintain the form of the shoe. This is gonna allow you to apply pressure on the toe box for a better cleaning.

Following is our cleaning solution, I hope you like the new bottle, it’s super clear so you can see the liquid. I'm gonna go ahead and give three little squirts into the bowl

The first brush I'm going to use is the soft bristle brush. I'm doing this for a couple of reasons, one this is a super delicate material and second I want to loosen the dirt on the shoe. let's see what we can get off with this brush before we move on to the next one.

The sockliner in these are super gross, so I'm going to pay special attention to this area because it is filthy. Now with the second brush, which is our medium bristle brush. As you can see it has white bristles, every brush has a different color bristle that way you're not confused on which brush is which.  Hopefully you appreciate that change. I'm going to go ahead and hit the uppers very gently, then I'm going to go over the midsoles.

Now that the uppers are relatively clean, let’s go ahead and hit the midsoles. The last step in this process, we are going to throw these shoes in the washing machine. 

I did a pre-treatment using the soft bristle brush and the medium bristle Brush. Finally, I’m gonna throw these in the washing machine so we can try to get this dingy look out. We're gonna do this by using our new laundry bag. As you can see we added a pouch for our new laundry detergent pods. You can also you can take the shoe laces and put them in this pouch as well. 

Lastly, insert the shoe, lock it up, and clinch it tight. We inserted the shoe in the washing machine with the laundry pod and laces in the pouch and ran it on a normal cycle with cold water.

Post machine wash, we let them dry and they look awesome, we’re super happy with the results. As you can see we have our signature kit, cleaning mat, and our bowl. These are some of the things that we use to clean these shoes. 

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