How to Make Your Reshoevn8r Products Last Longer

How to Make Your Reshoevn8r Products Last Longer

Clean-up usually isn’t very fun, but we can help you keep your Reshoevn8r products in top condition for a long time.   


After using your Reshoevn8r products, it’s important to rinse your brushes. This removes any soap residue preventing building up and warping. Also, it removes any excess dye that may have been transferred from your shoes to the brushes – that could then be transferred to other shoes.  Once rinsed, make sure to let them dry bristles down so the water can drain out. Then store them in a dry location to prevent mold.  

Laundry Bag/ Microfiber Towel  

We recommend washing your laundry bag prior to use.  Wash in cold water on a normal cycle. Also, after use, you can rinse or wash in cold water to drain any remaining soap or dirt remains.  Once washed, hang to dry and wait to store until completely dry.    

Solution Bottles/ Aerosol or Pump Repellent/ Mink Oil   

When storing your cleaning solution and other liquid products, ensure that they are stored upright and away from extreme heat or cold.   


Once done with your bowl, make sure to rinse out any excess soap. Pat dry with a towel and store when completely dry. 

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