How to Protect Your Sneakers

How to Protect Your Sneakers

How to Protect Your Sneakers

People are always talking about what products are best for cleaning your shoes and how to get them back to the way they looked when you first bought them, but what about protecting them so they never get damaged in the first place? Today we are going to list the top 5 products to protect sneakers of all materials. Not only from dirt and grime ,but also creasing, water damage, and color fading. These 5 products will keep any shoe looking brand new for years to come saving you time, money, and embarrassment from having gross kicks so, let's get into it.

1. Reshoevn8r Water and Stain Repellent:

As you can tell from the title Reshoevn8r’s water and stain repellent is designed to protect your shoes from water damage and stains. This product is specifically designed for protecting suede, nubuck, and knit sneakers. The water and stain repellent is the ultimate product for protecting your kicks from all different kinds of mishaps. If you accidentally spill ketchup or red liquid on your all white sneakers or get caught in a rainstorm in your favorite suede shoes, this water and stain repellent will protect your shoes from it all. Say goodbye to all of these day to day headaches and rock your shoes in confidence with Reshoevn8r Water and Stain Repellent!


2. Shoe Trees

Shoe Trees Extended Bar - 2 Pairs

Shoe trees aren’t for protecting your shoes when wearing them out, they are for protecting your shoes when you aren't wearing them. When your shoes are sitting in your closet waiting to be worn they are slowly aging, losing their shape, and when you do wear your shoes they go back into storage creased. Shoe trees will help prevent and lessen these effects. Shoe trees will help bring back the original shape to your shoes, and remove creasing when you aren’t wearing them. Shoe trees make sure that your kicks maintain their look and will have your shoes looking even better than the last time you wore them.

3. Reshoevn8r Crease Protectors

R8 Crease Protector In Box

Shoe trees are great for removing creases after wear and protecting them from creasing while in storage but Reshoevn8r crease protectors will make sure your shoes don’t crease at all. These comfortable rubber inserts go right into the toe box of your shoe while you wear them to protect your coveted kicks from looking wrinkled. No one wants to go on a date with someone with creased shoes, and no one wants grandpa wrinkles in their kicks, so pick up Reshoevn8r crease protectors to save your sneakers.

4. Reshoevn8r Mink Oil

Reshoevn8r Mink Oil V1

Mink Oil is a necessity to keep your suede and leather shoes looking brand new. This product doesn’t protect your shoes from stains like the water and stain repellent, or protect your shoes from creasing but it keeps the colors on your shoes vibrant and fresh. Over time the color on your kicks will slowly start to fade and look half as good as when you first bought them. Mink oil refreshes the color on suede and leather materials once it has faded and prolongs the life of the materials. So if you're tired of ashy black suede and lack of pop in your sneakers, pick up some Reshoevn8r Mink Oil.

5. PUMP-Water and Stain Repellent

This product is last but definitely not least for our mesh shoe lovers. The PUMP water and stain repellent is the same as our original water and stain repellent but without the aerosol can. This water and stain repellent tends to work better on mesh materials then others but will still work just as effective on your suede and leather kicks. So if you are an avid mesh sneaker wearer or want to stay away from the aerosol can this is the way to go

Where to Get Them

With all of these different products it is impossible to not completely protect your shoes from top to bottom. Head to our website where you can pick up all of these products prolonging your clean style and the life of your kicks, so you can continue to rock your favorite shoes, care free with Reshoevn8r

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