How to Restore Air Jordan 4 Oreo's

How to Restore Air Jordan 4 Oreo's

History Behind the Oreo Jordan 4's

The Air Jordan 4 Oreo was originally released in 1999 and most recently re-released in 2021. It was the first sneaker in the Jordan line to not use a traditional colorway. This sparked the start of the Jordan brand we know today with unique designs, color patterns and partnerships with other brands. The Oreo 4’s were the start of a shift in the sneaker community in the early 2000’s and Jordans innovative approach to the shoe game is why they have reigned king for decades.

How to Clean

Before restoring the shoe Vick is going to give these 4’s a deep clean with our Reshoevn8r Signature Kit which features our Soft, Medium and Stiff Bristle Brush, a pair of Shoe Trees, Microfiber Towel, 4oz cleaning solution and our patented laundry system. Before cleaning you want to make sure to remove the insole carefully so you don’t damage the original sole. 

Vick starts off using the Soft Bristle Brush without any of the cleaning solution to dust off all of the surface level dirt before giving it a deep clean. This prevents pushing excess dirt further into the material causing the clean to be much harder then needed. In doing this he accidentally brushes off the wing on the side of the 4’s, adding another step to this restoration. 

He then uses the air compressor from next door to get all of the excess dirt from the inside of the shoe which is much easier than trying to scrub the inside of the shoe with a brush. As always with Jordan's Vick cleans the upeer of the shoe with the Soft Bristle Brush, the midsole with the Medium Bristle Brush, and the sole with the Stiff Bristle Brush to give the shoe a deep clean without damaging any of the delicate materials. To then finish the clean before starting the restoration he throws the shoes into the Reshoevn8r sneaker laundry system to get the shoe fully disinfected and cleaned.


The First thing Vick does for the restoration is remove the paint off of the midsole with acetone and cotton balls so he can repaint the speckled pattern so, these beat up Oreo 4’s look brand new. He then sprays white paint on the midsole with the air brush and then adds the speckled look by simply putting black paint on a tooth brush and flicking it at the shoe and then finishes it off by using a q-tip to add some larger speckles along the midsole.

To fix the wings that sit on the side of all Jordan 4’s Vick had his buddy send him some extras that he had laying around. They are the right size for the shoe but they don’t have the speckled pattern that is on the original Oreos so, Vick decides to add his own by spraying Cohesion promoter on them so that the paint sticks to the plastic and then he repeats the process that he used with the mid sole to the wings.There was still part of the old wing on the inside of the shoe and the only way to get it out is by cutting open the shoe so that is exactly what Vick did. He then uses some Barge Super-Stick to put everything together within the shoe, and finishes the entire restoration by using a patcher to give it the finished look it needed while also providing more security for the wings. If you want more information or just want some visual to these instructions check out the video linked below!

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