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How to Style Jordan 1 — Best Practices

How to Wear & Style any Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 is probably the most iconic shoe of all time. Who am I kidding? It IS the most iconic shoe of all time. Numbers don’t lie…take a walk around your local mall or university and count how many you see! 

Between the three models (Jordan 1 High, Mid, Low), the shoe is undoubtedly popular and extremely wearable. But…if you don’t know how to properly style and wear the Air Jordan 1, you’re leaving precious style points on the table. 

The last thing you need is to pick up a brand new pair of 1s and be left without the perfect fit. What’s worse is thinking your fit is fire when in reality, it’s taking away from your awesome Jordans. 

Learning to style the Jordan 1 is all about finding a complementary fit. But before we discuss how to wear and what to wear with your Air Jordans, let’s first talk about the three different models, so you can choose the shoe that’s right for you. 

Jordan 1 High

The Air Jordan 1 High is the most popular and sought-after of the three Jordan 1 models. As the name suggests, it’s also the tallest of the three. The height is something to consider when deciding how to wear and style the shoes. Depending on your model, you may opt for longer socks, shorter pants, or even the exact opposite! 

Jordan 1 Mid

The Jordan 1 Mid is the most available of the Jordan models because it’s considered “taboo” among some of the more hardcore sneakerheads. No kidding, the Jordan 1 Mid is not much different than the Jordan 1. We don’t discriminate against the height of your Jordan 1s, so if Mids are your thing, rock what you like! 

Jordan 1 Low

Out of the three, the Jordan 1 Low is the easiest to style. The traditional low-top cut lends nicely to pretty much any pants, shorts, or socks. If you’re unsure how you feel about high-top sneakers, the Jordan 1 Low is an easy choice! 

How to Style Air Jordan 1s — A few tips to get the most out of your Js

We’ve finally made it! Now that you know more about each of the Jordan 1 models let’s go over some tips on how to style them. These tips will help you build the perfect fit and impress your friends and your mom! 

Fashion vs. Function

The first thing to determine when choosing your fit and styling your Jordans is the idea of fashion vs. function. Do you want something that might look less stylish but is more comfortable to wear? Or would you rather sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion?

For a more comfortable fit, you can never go wrong with some Nike Tech Fleece. You can wear a matching set of sweatpants and a hoodie, and both will look awesome with your Jordan 1s. 

If you’re less worried about comfort, you can opt for some nice cargo pants. I like these from Carhartt, but if you want a less expensive option, the thrift is a great place to find some nice cargos to match your Jordans. 

Choose your Colors

Another thing to consider when styling your Jordan 1s is the color. You want to make sure the outfit you’re building around your shoe compliments the colors of your Jordans. This is why I always suggest picking out your shoes first, then finding clothes that match. 

The key when it comes to choosing colors is keeping it subtle. If you’re wearing red and black Jordan 1s, you don’t need to ONLY wear red and black. Try a white shirt with subtle red accents or add in a red accessory like a snapback to complete your fit. 

Formal vs. Casual

One often overlooked way you can wear your Jordan 1s is with a formal outfit such as a suit, dress, or tuxedo. Yes, it is more than socially acceptable to wear retro basketball shoes with a formal fit. A pair of Patent Leather Jordan 1s is an easy way to spice up your style. 

Complete your Fit with Clean Shoes

No fire fit is complete without clean shoes. Dirty, scuffed-up kicks can ruin the whole aesthetic and style of that perfect outfit. Here are a few products that we recommend to keep your Jordan 1s fresh and clean: 

Water + Stain Repellent

Protect your favorite pair.

Essential Kit

Keep your shoes as fresh as your fit.

How do you style your Jordan 1s? Follow us over on Instagram and send us a picture of your fit! 

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