How to whiten yellow soles on shoes

How to whiten yellow soles on shoes

Real Results 

Have you heard of RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive? When we first mention that our Sole Revive can remove or reverse oxidation, most dismiss our claim. But, after seeing real results, it’s clear that Sole Revive has a lot to bring to the proverbial cleaning table. 

Don’t believe me? Our shoe care experts used Sole Revive on three very different shoes to show you how it works. The results are compelling…see for yourself! 

Wondering how you can achieve these same results with your shoes? Buckle up, buttercup — reviving Soles is our specialty. Let’s get started.


Save your Soles

How to apply Sole Revive

Sole Revive is not hard to master, but there are a few pointers that you need to follow to achieve the best results. 

  • Avoid getting Sole Revive on any part of your shoes BUT the intended target. Sole Revive may cause damage to leather, mesh, suede, canvas, and more. It may also discolor portions of the sole if you aren’t careful (think the Concord pods on the Concord AJ11).  
  •  Tape is your friend. Tape off any part of the shoe that you don’t want to get Sole Revive on; this will ensure you avoid any damage to the rest of the shoe.  
  •  Use a small brush to evenly apply the Sole Revive throughout the affected area. Ensure that the Sole Revive is also pushed into the gaps in the traction pattern for best results.  
  •  Wrap the sole in Saran Wrap to keep the Sole Revive fresh. The longer it stays moist, the more effective it will be at unyellowing your soles.

Teach me how to UV

Now that you’ve learned how to apply Sole Revive, the next step is to find a power source. In this case, that source needs to be UV lights. How you do this may differ depending on your needs. 

The Sun is a perfectly good option when working on less affected shoes. But, if your shoes have heavy yellowing, you should opt for a UV setup like the one we use. You can learn more about building your own here. 

I already know your next question: How long should I leave my shoes in the UV setup? Truthfully, I can’t give you a straight answer. For some projects, we leave shoes in the UV setup for days, even weeks. 

Your mileage may vary, and for that reason I can’t say for sure. It’s best to check on your shoes daily to ensure everything is working properly. It’s also important to understand that Sole Revive has its limits — there’s only so much unyellowing you can remove. If, after a few days, you’ve stopped noticing changes in your soles, it’s time to tap out.

Final Steps

Once you’ve achieved your desired results, be sure to thoroughly clean your soles with RESHOEVN8R Solution. Or, grab a Sneaker Wipe if that’s more your speed. In any case, it’s important to remove the excess Sole Revive. 

Ready to see the Results?

How can you argue with that? All three of our test subjects came out looking PRISTINE. Your shoes deserve the same — snag some Sole Revive and bring your Soles back to life. 

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