How-to-Use Sole Revive

How-to-Use Sole Revive

The Reshoevn8r community has been asking for a long time on how to bring soles back to life… Well, we have THE solution for you. Reshoevn8rs newest product Sole Revive is ready to take your drabbest soles back to like new conditions.

We partnered with Jonny Bubbles to walk us through the process, and what tools you’ll need to complete this transformation. Use the links below to get our recommended products.

Items needed: 

1. Reshoevn8r products 

       A. knit: laundry system 

       B. older sneaker: deep clean sig 

       C. yellowing out of the box- essential

2. Protective eyewear and gloves

3. UV light / light box mars grow light 600w (optional, but will get the best result with a light box) 

4. Scissors

5. Paint brush

6. Plastic cling wrap 

7. Sole Revive

Before you begin working with your sneaker, it is important to protect your body against the solution that you will be using. Use the links above to score our recommended products for your protection. Sole Revive is a chemical solution, and we do not recommend using it without proper protection, ventilation and supervision.

After putting on your gloves, and eye protection, the first step to any restoration, or sole enhancing process, is always going to be… prep the area that you’re going to be using the Sole Revive on. Using our professional grade cleaning kit, get going on cleaning your sneakers.

Pro Tip: 

For Knit, use the sneaker laundry system (detergent pods, laundry bag, shoe trees), for older sneakers, use the deep clean signature kit and finally, for NEW sneakers that have out of the box yellowing, we recommend the essential kit

This is when the fun starts. After ensuring your bottle is closed, shake your Sole Revive solution for 15-30 seconds -- now your solution is ready for application. You will begin the Sole Revive process by applying a light to medium layer of Sole Revive to the oxidized area of one side of your sneaker. Watch Jonny do this step at the 34 second mark of our how-to video.

Pro Tip: 

Start at the middle of your sneaker, and work methodically around the sole. Jumping from front to back will result in uneven application and missed areas. It is also beneficial to start and complete one sneaker at a time to ensure maximum attention.

You will then use your paint brush to spread out the sauce to the area. Watch Jonny complete this step at the 46 second mark in our how-to video. As mentioned by Jonny, do not let the sauce touch other parts of the sneaker that do not need to be unyellowed as this will damage the material. If you get Sole Revive on an area that should not be revived, quickly use your microfiber towel to wipe it off.

Once your sole is covered in Sole Revive, use your cling wrap in long pieces to wrap your sneakers. Your wrap should be about 6 inches wider than your sneaker to ensure complete coverage, and help the Sole Revive not dry up during the process.

Place your sneaker down on the cling wrap and gently wrap your sneaker. Watch as Jonny completes this at the 1:29 mark of our how-to video.

Pro Tip:

Do not pull on the cling wrap. This will make the sole sauce squeeze onto parts of the sneaker that are not meant to be touched. Now it's time to complete your other sneaker.

Your sneakers are cleaned, your soles are wrapped! The most lengthy part of this process is to place your sneakers in the sunlight or under the UV light that we suggested. For best results, you should remove your sneakers after 1 hour of being inside the light box and reapply the Sole Revive and change out the cling wrap. Your sneaker should only be placed soles down -- if sneakers are hung upside down your sauce will bleed onto your protected areas.

Pro Tip:

Do not leave your sneakers unattended while they are under the UV light. Sole separation can occur if left under this intense light for too long.

When your sneakers have been revived, throw away your garbage and rinse off your soles with a damp Reshoevn8r microfiber cloth. How do they look? Use the hashtag #Reshoevn8rSoleRevive and let us know where you’re wearing your newly revived sneakers at.

That's all for now!

CM Signing Off

Do Not: 

Use on painted soles

Use with exponsed hands 

Apply to uppers


Use on rubber soles 

Use cling wrap with every Sole Revive 

Always use gloves and protection

Product warning:

This product contains hydrogen peroxide, which may cause severe irritation and possible permanent eye injury. Avoid contact with eyes.If product gets into the eye, flush with large amounts of water and call a physician. Avoid contact with skin or clothes. Use professional gloves.If product gets on skin or clothes, flush with cold water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Sole separation may occur.

Ingredient list:

Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, CetearylAlcohol, Ceteareth-20, Cetyl Alcohol,Stearic Acid, Phosphoric Acid,Tetrasodium Edta, Etidronic Acid

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