How To Use: Sole Shields

How To Use: Sole Shields

Sole Shields are essential for every sneakerhead that wants to keep their icy-sole sneakers looking fresh! Our Sole Shields slow down the process of yellowing soles and unless you are going for that “vintage” look, no one wants to have yellowed soles! 

Even if you don’t have icy soles, our Sole Shields are the perfect way to keep the bottom of your sneakers looking brand new. Once you apply the Sole Shields, you will be able to preserve the life of all your sneakers. Depending on how often you wear them, the Sole Shields last around 20,000 steps! If you care about your sneakers like we do, they could last even longer!

Step 1: Use the alcohol prep pad to clean off the sole of the sneaker.

Step 2: Trace the outsole of the sneaker onto the Sole Shield (make sure the matte side is up).

Step 3: Cut out the trace line from the outside of the trace mark.

Step 4: Peel the Sole Shield from the matte side of plastic.

Step 5: Apply Sole Shield to the sole of the sneaker.

Step 6: Adjust the Sole Shield to make sure the entire shoe is covered evenly.

Step 7: Apply heat to the Sole Shield (we recommend using a heat gun, do not recommend a hair dryer).

Step 8: Apply pressure to the areas that were just hit with the heat gun to make sure the plastic sticks to the outsole.

Step 9: Before moving onto Step 10, make sure there are no air pockets in the Sole Shield

Step 10: Apply traction pads to the heel and the ball of the shoe.

Step 11: Rock your kicks in confidence!

Now you are ready to take on anything that gets in your way with clean sneakers! Use our Sneaker Wipes to keep your Sole Shields clean. Check out our newest YouTube video to see a visual on how to apply your Sole Shields the right way!

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