How to Clean Shoes at Home

How to Clean Shoes at Home

Cleaning shoes at home is a lot easier than most people realize. We have broken down our patented process to help you get the best clean possible from the comfort of your home. 

Step 1 

Take your shoe out side and using the medium stiff brush, gently brush off any loose dirt or mud on the shoe. (This minimizes the risk of the dirt turning back into mud once you get the shoe wet.) 

Step 2

Fill up a bowl with 4-6 ounces of water and add two squirts of our cleaning solution.

Step 3

Insert plastic shoe trees into your shoe, to create a hard surface for the brush to apply pressure to the shoe. Then remove laces. 

Step 4

Dip your brush in the solution and apply to the shoe using circular motions.

Step 5

Dip your laces in the extra solution mixture and rub the laces together in your hands.

Step 6

Put your shoes and laces into the laundry bag. Using a non toxic, dye free laundry detergent place the shoes in the washing machine on a cold cycle. 

Step 7

Lastly, remove shoe from the laundry bag promptly and set to dry.

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