J Balvin Jordan 3 "Medellin Sunset" Cleaning

J Balvin Jordan 3 "Medellin Sunset" Cleaning


The J Balvin Jordan 3 “Medellin Sunset" released on September 23rd 2023 and was one of the hyped up releases of the year. It was the third Jordan brand x j Balvin collaboration sneaker and was arguably the best so far. The colorway was designed off of the sunsets from multi platinum award winning J Balvin’s hometown of Medellin. The details with this shoe are absolutely insane including the
customized back tabs and crazy gradient color patterns throughout the shoe. Our one and only Vick almighty did his take on this colorway recreating this J Balvin sneaker on the Jordan 4 with Phoenix suns colors because as some of you may know we are based out of the great state of Arizona. These Jordan 3’s are absolutely  trashed so let's see what Rob does to bring these coveted sneakers back to life.

Starting off

To Start off this cleaning Rob goes outside and uses a dry soft bristle brush to get rid of all the top layers of dirt. That way when he starts cleaning with the Reshoevn8r solution he doesn’t have to deal with any more dirt and grime then he has to. Rob heads back into the studio and inserts the Reshoevn8r shoe trees and starts cleaning. Rob starts with the soft bristle brush cleaning the uppers on the Balvin 3’s. The soft brush is the best for cleaning the uppers on most shoes because it provides a deep clean ,and is softer than the other brushes in the kit so it won’t damage any of the delicate materials on the uppers.

Finer things

 All of the dirt came off of the uppers pretty easily thanks to the Reshoevn8r signature kit which includes our patented laundry bag, shoe trees, cleaning solution, microfiber towel, and lastly our soft, medium, and stiff bristle brush.  There was a little bit of dirt trapped into the suede parts of this shoe so Rob went over those delicately with the medium brush to make sure the suede is clean. The medium brush is perfect to use on the midsole of pretty much every shoe on the market, Rob used it on these Balvin 3’s and let me tell you these shoes are starting to look brand new. To finish cleaning the uppers of these 3’s you cannot forget about the sock liner and insoles. The Reshoevn8r cleaning solution will disinfect the inside of the shoe where there is a lot of trapped dirt and debris while also helping with that gross shoe stench. To finish using the brushes Rob uses the stiff brush to scrub the sole and outsole of the shoe. This brush is specifically designed for the sole, and sometimes the midsole. It is extremely stiff which can damage the materials on the most uppers of shoes so it is important to be careful when using this brush. Lastly to clean the laces Rob uses the soft brush to get them back to silky white.

Finishing Up

Now it's time for these Balvin 3’s to go into the washing machine. Using the Reshoevn8r’s sneaker laundry system which includes our patented sneaker laundry bag, and laundry pods. You will wash these on a normal cycle in cold water but make sure to keep your shoe trees in the shoe when throwing them into the washing machine. Doing this will help reshape your sneaker to the way they were fresh out of the box. The last thing to do to make sure these shoes are looking brand new is using the dry suede kit on the uppers. The dry suede brush will be used to get the suede back to silky smooth while the eraser is used to get out any little debris or grime that is left on the shoe.

Video Link

Just like that these J Balvin 3’s look brand new, if you wanna know how to clean your own Jordan 3’s click the link below and check out the video.

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