The BEST way to clean Jordan 1s — Tips & Tricks

The BEST way to clean Jordan 1s — Tips & Tricks

The No. 1 way to get your Jordan 1s looking right. 

Learn to clean your iconic Jordan 1s the right way with the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit. 

Follow along for some great tips & tricks from our expertly-trained shoe care specialists! 

Tools of the trade

The only product you need to get your Air Jordan 1s looking right is the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit. This comprehensive cleaning kit contains our 3 premium Shoe Care Brushes, all-natural Sneaker Cleaning Solution, Shoe Trees, and handy Microfiber Towel. 

Essential Kit

5 Helpful Hints

Any Jordan, any colorway; these 5 hints are the ground rules to any good cleaning project. 

  • Use less, save more. Our Sneaker Cleaning Solution is ultra-concentrated. Two squirts of Solution is all you need to clean your Jordan 1s. 
  • Soft, Medium, Stiff. The premium Shoe Care Brushes provide a sequential cleaning process. Use the Soft on the upper, Medium on the midsole, and Stiff on the outsole. 
  • Shoe Trees are undervalued. No good clean is complete without a Shoe Tree. Our Adjustable Shoe Trees make it easy to clean your shoes and remove unwanted creases. 
  • Dry the wets. After each step in the cleaning process it's important to dry the sneaker with the included Microfiber Towel. This will prevent the delicate leather from bleeding or losing color.
  • Save the laces. It can be tempting to throw out your dirty shoelaces in favor of a new pair...DON'T. The Soft Brush & Solution will have your laces looking new in no time. 

The Results

Why would you clean your Jordans with anything else? The results don't lie — RESHOEVN8R is up to the challenge. 

Take your Jordans from BEATERS to HEATERS with RESHOEVN8R. 

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