The white OVO Air Jordan 12.

Air Jordan 12 OVO — The Best Drake Shoe?

Air Jordan 12 OVO — The Best Drake Shoe

Anything Drake and Jordan Brand touch seems to turn into gold…am I right? The white OVO Air Jordan 12 is a masterpiece of a shoe, and the resale market agrees. But the pair we picked up is looking anything but fresh. 

The goal? Makes these OVO Jordan 12s Way 2 Sexy…and thanks to the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit we should have no problem at all. Did you know that RESHOEVN8R is the best shoe cleaner for Jordans? Watch the video above to see the RESHOEVN8R difference. 

In the meanwhile, I want to talk a little bit about the sneaker itself and answer a few questions surrounding this 2014 Air Jordan. 

About the Jordan 12 Retro OVO White

The OVO Air Jordan 12 is the brainchild of superstar musician and rapper Drake. The Toronto native teamed up with the biggest name in all of sports to create a few different pairs of retro Jordans, including this sweet pair of Jordan 12s. 

Keeping with the OVO (October’s Very Own) theme, the shoe was released on October 1, 2016, and sold out instantly. Even the retail price of $225 couldn’t keep the sneakerheads away from this ultra-hyped shoe. 

Are there other OVO Air Jordans? 

Yes. In fact, there are quite a few sneakers that Drake made with Jordan Brand. In addition to the white Jordan 12s listed above, Drake and Jordan collaborated on white and black Jordan 8s, 10s, a black pair of Jordan 12s, and an OVO Raptors Air Jordan 4

There are a few more Drake/Jordan shoes like Trunners or Slides, but the Retro Jordans are the main selling point here. 

Where Can I Buy the White OVO Air Jordan 12? 

Unless you can travel back in time to October of 2016, you’re stuck paying resale prices if you want to get your hands on this sweet looking Jordan 12. And to be frank, the resale prices are not all that sweet. Expect to shell out at least 1k to buy a DS pair of the Jordan 12 Retro OVO White. 

Those of you bargain shoppers will have better luck shopping used or pre-owned, which is never a bad thing. As long as you have your RESHOEVN8R to clean them up, there’s no harm whatsoever in buying pre-owned. We do it all the time! 

The best places to buy the White OVO Air Jordan 12:

Cleaning Highlights: Air Jordan 12 White OVO


Everything you need for a Signature level clean.


Powerful Cleansing Pods


Scrub that Stingray

The OVO Jordan 12 is primarily made of tumbled leather, with some mesh and stingray leather thrown in for good measure. The stingray leather reminded us of the cracked leather found on the AMM Jordan 1s, which was more difficult to clean than your typical leather sneaker. 

Luckily the Medium Bristle Brush is great at attacking deeper and more stubborn stains, which is exactly what Rob used to get these babies clean. 

Signature Laundry System

Dirty sockliner or stitching giving you a hard time? Try throwing your kicks in the wash. The Patented RESHOEVN8R Laundry System will flush out all of those hard to reach places. Rob stuck the OVO Jordan 12 in our Sneaker Laundry Bag with some Sneaker Laundry Detergent, and after a full wash cycle with cold water, the shoes came out in near DS condition. 

Now You Try

Have a dingy pair of OVO 12s that needs some love and affection? Snag a Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit and get to work. Trust me on this one, you will not be disappointed with the results. 

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