The Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder

Red Thunder Jordan 4

How to Clean Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder

Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care Academy. 

Today Hayden is back to teach us all a lesson on how to clean Air Jordans from home. 

And on deck we have the Jordan 4 Red Thunder, which released back in January of this year. 

Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning kits are the most effective cleaner for Air Jordans, and even suede Jordans like this pair here. The Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit will give this pair of Jordan 4s a deep clean without messing up the delicate suede. 

Follow along to learn how to clean your Jordans at home using the world's best sneaker cleaner. 

Cleaning the Suede on the Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder

To start, Hayden inserted the Adjustable Shoe Tree and removed the shoe laces. Then, he grabbed the Soft Bristle Brush from our Three Brush Pack and started to clean the upper. 

You'll notice that before he starts scrubbing, Hayden knocks the excess water off of the brush. This is so that we avoid over-saturating the suede. It's important that anytime you're cleaning suede shoes with water that you don't get them too wet, this will cause the materials to bleed. 

If the suede sneakers start to get too wet, you can always pat them dry with our Microfiber Towel and continue with your cleaning.

Cleaning Painted Midsoles

Once the suede upper is clean and complete, Hayden used the Medium Bristle Brush to clean the midsoles. The midsoles on the Air Jordan 4 are generally painted, and this is the case with the Red Thunder color. As such, we want to make sure we only use the Medium, not the Stiff. Using too stiff of a brush on the painted midsole can cause the paint to chip, and we definitely don't want that. 

The combination of the Reshoevn8r Sneaker Cleaning Solution and the Medium Bristle Brush proved effective, and the bright red midsoles on this Red Thunder Jordan 4 are popping once again. 

With the midsole and upper done, we can use the Stiff Bristle Brush to clean the rubber outsole. 

Finishing Touches

Cleaning the shoe laces with Reshoevn8r Sneaker Cleaning Solution is easy, too. Hayden dunked them straight into the water and solution mixture and scrubbed them between his hands. After running them through a Microfiber Towel to dry, we're all set to lace these Jordan 4s buack up and show them off. 

As you can, Reshoevn8r is the best shoe cleaner for Jordans. Whether leather or suede, Reshoevn8r has the perfect sneaker cleaning kits and products to keep your J's looking RIGHT. 

Cleaning your Jordans at home doesn't have to be hard. As Hayden showed us all, with the right shoe cleaning tools and a little bit of effort, your prized Jordan 4s will be looking fresh in no time at all. 

Do you have some Jordans that need a cleaning? Let us know down below, and we'll let you know which sneaker cleaning kit is best for your pair. 

Thanks for stopping by our Shoe Care Academy. Our resident sneaker experts are eager to serve you and freshen up your prized kicks. Schedule a private Online Cleaning Consultation to receive instructions on how to clean your personal pair, or take advantage of our Online Cleaning Service to have our expert staff take care of it for you. 

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