The Jordan11Lab4 served as a great base for this Ferrari inspired custom by Vick Almighty.

These Ferrari Inspired Jordan 4 Customs Redefine Luxury

Ferrari Inspired Customs That'll Make Your Jaw Drop

Luxury Auto Collection is a curator and dealer of exclusive luxury and exotic cars based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The dealership has been hooking up customers with the finest, most exclusive automobiles for 27 years.  

So it’s only fitting that Reshoevn8r, the household name in sneaker cleaning and the brand responsible for keeping even the most luxurious shoes looking fresh was able to hook Luxury Auto Collection up with a sick pair of kicks from Vick Almighty. 

Such a high-profile customer deserves only the best, so Vick set out to create a piece for our friends over at LAC that rivals the luxury of any exotic car. 

Vick drew inspiration from three different Ferrari models in order to bring this special piece to life for Luxury Auto Collection.


Now for the fun part; Vick got to spend some time with the best cars that LAC has to offer in order to get the creative wheels turning. He drew inspiration from three cars in particular, the Ferrari F40, TR, and 488. 

Given Michael Jordan’s affinity for Ferraris (see the AJ 14) and some of Vick’s previous work on a different pair of Ferrari inspired Air Jordan 4’s, there was no question that the Ferrari emblem would look great on this new project. 

The base shoe is the Jordan 4 11Lab4, which inspiration from the Jordan 11. The sleek black patent upper served as a great base layer upon which Vick was able to bring his idea to life. 

With a plan now in place, we turned Vick loose and let him do his thing. 


Vick pulled the laces, and then removed the tongue tags which were later replaced by some custom D-Nice tags. A tape job and a few swipes of acetone soaked cotton balls made quick work of the black paint on the midsole. 

To give the shoe an even more realistic feel, Vick painted the back of the tongues red to mimic the luxurious red leather interior of a Ferrari. It’s crazy how much this little touch added to the overall aesthetic of the shoe. 

Now back to the midsole. With the paint already removed, Vick taped off the rest of the shoe and hit the midsole with two different blacks; a metallic black coat for the bottom portion, and a flat black for the top. 

The contrast between the two takes the original midsole to a whole new dimension.

Keeping with the Ferrari theme, Vick used the remaining space on the midsole to add a red racing stripe and a clean looking Italian flag on the medial portion to pay homage to the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari. 

With the help of some custom stencils, Vick added some subtle metallic black stripes for even more contrast and depth on the top portion of the midsole.

We can’t forget about the netting! 

The beloved AJ 4 netting was colored silver with only the finest of tools; a silver sharpie! Hand coloring the netting with the sharpie added a personal touch that airbrushing just couldn’t fully replicate. 

You can never have too many stripes, so Vick used another stencil to add more red striping on the upper portion of the midsole. An underrated addition that really completes the midsole. 

Julian came in clutch and helped Vick with some custom laser engraving. With the words “Luxury Auto Collection” etched into the sides and triangle shaped vents inspired by the Ferrari F40 etched into the toebox, this shoe is really coming together. 

Now back to the tags; the custom tags from D-Nice for this project are nuts. The first tag features the famous Ferrari Stallion logo complete with LAC’s branding underneath. The second tag was customized with the Jumpman logo and even more LAC branding. The tags really complete this custom. 

If there was any doubt that these customs were inspired by Ferrari, Vick put that to rest with a last minute addition that couldn't be more sick; red LED lights inside the air bubble.

You can’t have a car custom without lights. Such a worthy last minute touch that any car fanatic would drool over. 

Finally complete, Vick and Mr. Reshoevn8r headed back to LAC to make a special delivery. 

Spoiler Alert... John of LAC loved them!

If there’s any feeling that can rival that of taking delivery of a brand new luxury car, it’s the euphoria of receiving a pair of custom kicks where every detail was thought out and given the attention it deserves. 

Safe to say Vick deserves a bonus; a new whip perhaps? 

Be sure to tune in to our Youtube Channel to watch Vick’s next idea come to life. 

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